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LAWRENCE COBURN HOW TO DEVELOP A WINNING MOBILE STRATEGY FOR EVENTS This a place holder for an awesome photo of you that our Eventbrite designers will insert. No need to do anything here speakers

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& are now partners!

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Agenda Context Marketing is about ROI The offline opportunity Looking ahead Questions?

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Rocket ship *Source: Gartner, IDC, Ender’s Analysis

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…And it’s early days *Source: Gartner, IDC, Ender’s Analysis

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“90% of the data that exists in the world has been created in the last two years.” - IBM

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Growth of data Source: Mary Meeker

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A digital layer to the real world

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Starting with the smartphone

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“Today, the customer experience increasingly revolves around technology, that means, of course, that the customer experience increasingly generates data...” - Forbes, January 2013

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Marketing is about ROI Marketing IT Marketing IT Social Media Website Analytics Digital Advertising Social Media Website Analytics Website Analytics

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Marketing technologies

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“CMOs have long cited events, such as trade shows and exhibits, as a prime marketing and customer engagement mix, but a new study by the CMO Council has found that the old way of developing and measuring ROI for events is falling woefully behind.” - CMO.com (April, 2013)

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A collision

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Primary data source

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…And this

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The world has changed

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Events have gone digital

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Personalize the experience

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Surface the dark leads

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Think beyond event apps

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Gain event intelligence

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Mission control: GDC 2014 Top game developers conference >2M taps >305K publishing actions

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Methodology Every tap is a signal 8 different gestures scored

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How intelligent is your event?

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Keep the conversation going

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Invite top speakers to return

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Tell vendors how important they are

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Turn influencers into advocates

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Make better decisions

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Intelligent events For Attendees: Personalize the experience based on behavior For Exhibitors: Light up the dark leads For Organizers: Optimize your events in real-time

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The online/offline holy grail Lead Score Activities

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…but hold on one sec

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In review There is a digital overlay emerging on the real world Data capture and sharing is through the roof Events (and retail) is a wonderful petri dish for this convergence

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Placeholder: for the exhibitor The Organizer: Option 1

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Beacon technology

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But, what comes next?

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Smartphones and tablets are TODAY’S delivery vehicle for… the real disruptive force.

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Smartphones and tablets are TODAY’S delivery vehicle for… persistent connectivity.

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Exhibit A

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Exhibit B

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Exhibit C

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