8 Must-Have Apps for Visual Marketing

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83% of all mobile phones have cameras. 90% of all people who take pictures have only done so on a camera phone. Tomi Ahonen Almanac 2013 Mobile Telecoms Industry Review

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Instagram Instagram content generates 58x more engagement per follower than Facebook and 20x more than Twitter. (Forrester) Diversify your content to broaden your online reach. Create a FREE Instagram account for your business. 200 million monthly users. 1

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Wordswag Create custom text layouts with just a tap. Storytelling with visual impact. Like a graphic designer in your pocket! 2

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Diptic Create amazing photo collages 179 layouts Apply filters, add text, adjust borders and more. Even more engagement and storytelling power. 3

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One of My Diptic Creations

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A Food Photography Creation…

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Instacollage Stitch photos together Lots of Frames to choose from Also share to social media Similar to Diptic – what I started with. 4

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Flipagram Create beautiful short video stories using your photos Use your own music or get free 30 sec clips from iTunes! 5

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One of my flipagrams http://instagram.com/p/p4qtygL4e3/?modal=true

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Photo Repost Share a photo or video on Instagram that you love. Give credit where credit’s due Grow your audience with other’s great content. You just have to tap on a picture you'd like to repost. Then use the app! 6

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Tags for Likes Grow your following! Copy and paste a group of tags below into your picture. TRICK: Paste in Notepad. 30 tags per photo max. Paste what you want and delete the rest. 7

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An Advanced camera app (My faves - Top Camera, Smug Mug) Native camera app is simple, but lacks some helpful functionality “Tap and snap” good for most, but you can stand out above the rest. Timer, Composition, advanced composition techniques and more. $3 or less. 8

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