Safety First App from Intervate Solving SHEQ Problems

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Safety First App from Intervate Solving SHEQ Problems #GoMobile with Intervate Solutions to improve your company’s productivity, compliance and reduce costs and risks : Intervate enquiries@Intervate.com

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The SHEQ Conundrum SHEQ compliance is daunting, often neglected - exposing the organization to significant risk Logging of issues is overly complex - a process unclear to most staff. Many issues/risks therefore go unreported Logged issues are often unclear and missing key data SHEQ needs to happen on the floor, not behind a desktop Field agents are often in locations where laptops aren’t practical and connectivity is intermittent Trend is BYOD and many SHEQ solutions don’t work with iPads and other mobile devices

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Why a smartphone/mobile app.. Smartphones are ubiquitous Mobile is becoming the standard way people access technology Immediacy – a solution in your pocket Smartphones have built in internet, GPS, camera & accelerometer that can simplify high-quality data capture

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Safety First - Key features 10 second SHEQ issue log Click category, optional photo(s) & optional text. App knows who the user is and where they are  A photo is worth a thousand words! Offline logging app will sync when it has connectivity The user isn’t encumbered by process. Issue will be automatically routed based on location & SHEQ category Auto-aggregating of issues This will create consolidated single issue.  Number of links in a consolidated issue can be used to determine priority Map of current issues Highlighting danger hotspots Push message alerts to multiple users in a region much more direct and immediate than an email. Can be used for urgent SHEQ messages targeting specific areas App quick links Fire-escapes image, SHEQ guides & policies documents  Cloud based Highly available solution will continue to work even if the network is down

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Safety First - 10 second SHEQ log

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Safety First - Issue map Browse map of current issues (showing status) Option to select a from list of locations filtered by current GPS e.g. kitchen 2nd floor User can pin-drop to override the current GPS coordinates

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Geo-Fencing & Dashboards Issues are assigned to correct team based on geo-fence and issue category Dashboard of issue summary Track progress of issue closure

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Scalability & High Availability Auto-linking issues Cloud based High volume testing

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A picture’s worth a thousand words

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Safety First App from Intervate Solving SHEQ Problems #GoMobile with Intervate Interested? Please contact us to find out how we can help you with your SHEQ challenges. : Intervate enquiries@Intervate.com