Introducing SlideShare for iOS

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Introducing SlideShare for iOS Download the app at http://lnkd.in/ssios

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Discover Great Presentations See the presentations your friends and colleagues are uploading, and check out the latest decks on topics that interest you

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Go Full Screen View SlideShares in either portrait or landscape mode for an awesome viewing experience

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Save for Later Don’t have time to read something now? Save SlideShares to read later or offline – anytime, anywhere

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Access your saved, uploaded and “liked” decks anywhere, anytime

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Search our library of 15 million SlideShares

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Andri Kristinsson Mobile Product Manager, SlideShare “We’re all busy – whether professionals prepping for a key meeting or students working on a big project. The new SlideShare iOS app puts over 15 million expert presentations at your fingertips, with a beautiful full-screen layout designed just for iOS 8.”

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Download now on the App Store http://lnkd.in/ssios