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Mobile Secret sauce?

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Pain progression

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tell google your Ad preferences

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Mobile ads = do them now! “Mobile-optimized text ads and extensions will be given preference on mobile devices.” TIP: Avoid truncation. Mobile ads should be shorter. Aim under 60 characters.

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Not your momma’s site links

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Check that box, yo! Task: Use Mobile Preferred Ads & Site Links Step 1 Step 2 TIP: Mobile sitelinks should be shorter. Aim for 15-17 characters in length.

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Mobile devices are actually phones – Remember?

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Guess who I’m calling?

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two clicks and you’re done Charged the same as for a standard click on the ad. Clickable on devices that allow a user to click and call Utilizes Google call-forwarding for tracking Count calls as conversions when they last longer than 60 seconds

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Track those call conversions Step 1 Step 2 Task: Utilize Call Extensions

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Get purposeful with those mobile bids

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What’s going on here? Task: Determine a Mobile Bidding Strategy

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Modifiers modifying each other all over the place

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Play nice, folks

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Active bid adjustments Task: Review All Bid Modifiers

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Improve mobile & gdn: don’t cross the streams

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Mobile + display = sadness

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mobile is the little guy here

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Craft your structure

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Adjust mobile bid modifier Task: Exclude Mobile Devices from GDN

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sorry, google – tablets are still mobile

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Tablets are mobile devices

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Better than mobile isn’t good

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Kill those categories Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

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Kill those apps Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Task: Exclude Mobile Apps from GDN

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Conversion optimizer may neglect mobile

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All your effort = fail Bang Head Here

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Conversion optimizer adjustment Step 1 Step 2

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One click – and boom! Task: Use Accelerated Ad Delivery with Conversion Optimizer

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Not just responsive design: Responsive experience.

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Fractured user focus

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Bad to good

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Optimize for design and content

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some best practices are best Task: Optimize Your Web Experience for Design AND User Intent

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Great! You have mobile leads. Are they any good?

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Not all leads are equal Task: Monitor Mobile Lead Quality Closely

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The future is now… or maybe later

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people are addicted to screens

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What to know now 6 in 10 online adults in the US and UK use at least 2 devices every day 76% use their smartphone “on the go” 60% of multi-device users transition to larger screens to finish tasks 22% finished on a tablet and 58% on a laptop

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Working on estimates for now Estimated Total Conversions Counted when a customer clicks an ad on one device, then converts on another device. Includes: cross-device, many-per-click, and phone call conversions. Task: Start Thinking about Cross-Device Behavior

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Your MOBILE ACTION PLAN! bit.ly/Mobile-Action-Plan

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Joseph Kerschbaum Midwest Account Director 3Q Digital joseph@3qdigital.com Twitter: @joekerschbaum THANK YOU! bit.ly/Mobile-Action-Plan