Wearable technology

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Wearable technology By Guillaume Agis London

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Guillaume Agis Software engineer at Touch Surgery @GuillaumeAgis @While42London

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Wearable technology ?

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Videos oculus / Glass

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Cons Battery life Overheat Design, size Dependency Respect Price Privacy Voice recognition

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- Fashion is what you wear, technology is what you carry - Make it gorgeous or make it invisible - You have to love what you wear - Jewellery is timeless, technology is not - UI rules may not apply Fashion technology

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http://www.skullysystems.com/#intro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWu9TFJjHaM Examples

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Conclusion Good portability Hands-free use Comfortable Quick accessibility Fashionable always on Cost Side effect Data security Design Fashion + -

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Thank you for your interest ! @GuillaumeAgis @While42London