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How to Leverage First-Party Data to Drive a 360 Degree App Marketing Strategy Driving App Growth

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MEET YOUR HOSTS Tom McMahon Product Marketing Manager @macmathunat Alexandre Pham Head of Platform Solutions @alexandrepham #360appstrategy

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#360appstrategy Introduction: Localytics #360appstrategy Localytics is a lifecycle engagement platform For web and mobile apps Automate and optimize at every stage to deliver personalized experiences

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AppLift is a data-driven technology company that empowers mobile app advertisers to acquire and re-engage users at scale

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#360appstrategy Introduction: AppLift #360appstrategy 7 Global Offices Global reach for app advertisers in every vertical Mobile programmatic DSP technology with data onboarding functionalities

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AGENDA #360appstrategy Data Collection & Segmentation Leveraging Data for Mobile Marketing Questions & Closing

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Data Collection & Segmentation #360appstrategy

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1st What do we mean by party data? #360appstrategy

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#360appstrategy It’s YOUR data YOUR Users & Audiences Habits & Behavior Demonstrated Interests It’s Free

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First-Party Data: Where does it come from? Web Social Mobile CRM In-store POS #360appstrategy

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Pageviews vs. Sessions Visitors Visits Pageviews Events Users Sessions Events #360appstrategy

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Let the data tell the story #360appstrategy

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Is Your App Offering Value? Going beyond the download level #360appstrategy

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#360appstrategy How a User Interacts with the App

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Critical: APP LAUNCH 20% of apps opened once

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Critical: SESSION LENGTH Measures true app engagement

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More Frequent App Launches Drive a Greater Time in App #360appstrategy

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What about event tagging? #360appstrategy

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Events in your app you wish to see users carry out Verbs #360appstrategy

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The attribute level (below the event level) Nouns #360appstrategy

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Article Read Article Commented On Article Rated Article Shared News App #360appstrategy

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Was an article shared on Facebook or Twitter? Was the rating positive or negative? News App #360appstrategy

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Driving Insight #360appstrategy

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DATA OVERLOAD #360appstrategy

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Custom Dimensions #360appstrategy Free Users Premium Users Weekly/Monthly Cohort

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User Funnels Sign-Up Premium Registration Shared Media #360appstrategy

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Relevant User Funnels

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What’s preventing the next step? Uncover how you can tweak your app? Which funnels are most successful? Relevant User Funnels

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Which groups are using my app and how? #360appstrategy The Video Streamers Set-Top-Box-Users The Commuter The Loyal Consumer

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What that segment could look like? #360appstrategy 2 Conversions (2 Shows in a row) Favorite Show Name Favorite Show Category Average Session Length Subscription Type

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Leveraging First- Party Data for Mobile Marketing #360appstrategy

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Continuing to Engage Users New Users Marketing outside the app

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Marketing Outside the App Remarketing Paid Advertising

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What’s the difference: Push v. In-App Messages

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Delivering messages to your users home screen Pushing messages to users aren’t currently using your app PUSH MESSAGING What’s the difference: Push v. In-App Messages

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#360appstrategy Notifications that are displayed when the user is active in the app Highly contextual and triggered based on other in-app events IN-APP MESSAGING What’s the difference: Push v. In-App Messages

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Behavioral Data vs. Profile Data #360appstrategy

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The perfect union for personalization #360appstrategy

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The perfect union for personalization #360appstrategy

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Cultivate deeper relationships #360appstrategy The Case for Complete Profiles More costly to acquire a new user Complete profiles see how your app fits into the user’s life Apps that stick know their users and solve their problems

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Surprise & DELIGHT Your Users #360appstrategy

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Now With 100,000 Users #360appstrategy

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Lather, Rinse & Repeat What is the impact of my campaign? How has my recent in-app campaign affected conversion numbers? Have my retention numbers been improved with my latest campaign? How are my marketing programs contributing to revenue?

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Leveraging Data for Mobile Advertising #360appstrategy

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The Rise of Programmatic Advertising #360appstrategy

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Fact n?1: CPIs are increasing… +76% YoY #360appstrategy

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Fact n?2: Users are hard to retain… 60% #360appstrategy

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0.23% #360appstrategy Fact n?3: Only few of them monetize.

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What makes data so powerful in RTB? #360appstrategy

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NEGATIVE TARGETING #360appstrategy

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What programmatic platforms should provide for a 360° app strategy… #360appstrategy

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#360appstrategy Q + A