Best Practices for Push Notifications

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BEST PRACTICES FOR RETAIL PUSH NOTIFICATIONS 41% of notifications today are used to notify the user of app updates 24% of notifications today are used to inform users of a special offer (coupons, events, etc.) www.gpshopper.com | info@gpshopper.com

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SCHEDULING YOUR PUSH NOTIFICATIONS PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE CHARACTER RESTRICTIONS: LENGTH Keep the title under 40 characters and message under 100. This avoids the risk of the message getting cut off from view! Tip: Industry reports show that push notifications with 10 or fewer words have the highest CTRs. RESPECT YOUR USER-BASE’S SLEEP SCHEDULE! Honor the recipient’s time zone by incorporating local push timing. TIMING Tip: Customizing delivery time based on user preference results in an average conversion uplift of 384%. Be mindful of the day and times of the year. Holiday’s and other gift-giving seasons are great opportunities for push notifications. Tip: Industry reports show that push notifications sent on weekdays have a 65% higher CTR than those sent on weekends. RELEVANCE TARGETING RELEVANT ACTION Select an Action Type that is most relevant to the notification. Stay relevant - expire your push notifications accordingly. TARGET YOUR AUDIENCE. Geo-Fence Targeting allows you to send notifications specific to a user’s location and supplying them with relevant information. Tip: Sending notifications between 12pm and 5pm produces the highest CTR. www.gpshopper.com | info@gpshopper.com

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DRIVING ENGAGEMENT FOR YOUR PUSH NOTIFICATIONS COUPONS ACTION EXCLUSIVITY USER TARGETING ALERT USERS OF PROMOTIONS, COUPONS, EVENTS, AND OTHER OFFERS. Tip: Experiment with emojis! One of our clients experienced an 80% increase in clicks with its first push using emojis. Think beyond smiley faces – try leaves for autumn sales, sun for summer, or specific apparel items. DETERMINE THE BEST CALL-TO-ACTION (HOMEPAGE, URL, SECTION). Tip: Don’t drive traffic from your push notifications to your mobile website. Your app users are those that realize the better browsing experience of apps vs. mobile web. Pushing them to mobile web gives you fewer analytics on your visitors, lower AOV, and will likely drive users to opt out of receiving future notifications. DELIVER APP-SPECIFIC CONTENT. OPTING IN = EXCLUSIVITY. Tip: Make it easy for your users to opt out of notifications. SEND PUSH NOTIFICATIONS TO SPECIFIC LOCATIONS (SEGMENT-BASED). Tip: According to statistics, the click-through rate of Geofencing notifications is 30%. Geofencing can increase your app usage by over 200%. www.gpshopper.com | info@gpshopper.com

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CONTENT IN YOUR PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Now that your users have opted in to receive Push Notifications, they’re expecting to receive significant and personalized messages. Considering character restrictions, what are some best practices for content? Utilize language that expresses a sense of urgency in a clear, simplistic way. Personalize notifications based on audience locations. www.gpshopper.com | info@gpshopper.com

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5 KEY CUSTOMER SEGMENTS FOR PERSONALIZED CONTENT Increase the conversion rate of your push notifications with personalized content, delivered to user segments like: NEW USERS customers who have downloaded your app within the six months PURCHASERS users who have completed purchases in-app LOYALTY MEMBERS VS. NON-MEMBERS reward loyalty members and convert those who haven’t yet joined your programs VIP PURCHASERS users who have crossed a spend threshold IDLE USERS customers who have not used your app within the last six months www.gpshopper.com | info@gpshopper.com

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