Hardware Trends

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Hardware Trends Renee DiResta @noUpside Hardware By The Numbers

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Hardware Is Hard

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Hardware was hard… …because it was lonely

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Hackerspaces From Do It Yourself to Do It With Others

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Hacking Hardware Everywhere

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Hacking Hardware Everywhere

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Maker Faires

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Community Growth

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Specialized Accelerators

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The Support Ecosystem

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Hardware was hard… …because prototyping was difficult

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3D Printers: units sold under $100,000

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Enterprise-quality printers will cost less than $2000 by 2016

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MakiBox $200 A6 LT kit Printrbot $349 Simple kit Buccaneer $397 on Kickstarter

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End-User Spend on 3DP

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Prototyping: Functional

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Octopart Microcontroller Price Index

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Economies of Scale

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Hardware was hard… …because China is far

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Increased Access

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Offshoring Reshoring Nearshoring

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China PMI data

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Mexico vs China Wages

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Botsourcing Industrial robots per 100k employees

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Typical industrial robot

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Base price

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Hardware was hard… …because investors were scared

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2011 Kickstarter

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2012 Kickstarter

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2013 Kickstarter

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Early-Stage Venture Capital

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Hardware Companies Raise More

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But follow-ons are tough…

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Today, VCs<3 HW

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Hardware Companies Founded Designed Products Connected Devices / IoT Wearables Robotics

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Hardware investment by sector

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….more acquisitions

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Connected Devices

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Or a toaster

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Or a cow

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M2M vs H2H Data Transfer Patterns Orders of magnitude more nodes Upload-Biased Traffic Low bandwidth Low power Real time

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In 2008, the number of devices connected to the internet surpassed the number of people on earth

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Connect All The Things 2020 2012 50B 8.7B 2013 10B … 2008

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People are paying attention Google Trends data for “Internet of Things”

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People are paying $$ $25B 2018 2013 2012 $71B $33B …

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Projected Growth of Wearables

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Hardware is still hard… …but the future is bright

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Software is eating the world… Hardware gives it teeth