Deep Linking with Bitly The Authoritative Guide

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Deep Linking with Bitly The Authoritative Guide

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http://www.eventbrite.com/e/sunset-cocktails-and-free-live-jazz-tickets-301259074?aff=ehomecard com-eventbrite-attendee://event/301259074 The Science of the Mobile Deep Link Mobile deep links bring mobile users to a specific location within an app, the same way that a web URL can bring desktop users to a specific page on a website. WEBLINK MOBILE DEEP LINK

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The Science of the Mobile Deep Link SCHEME Tells the phone which app to open URI Tells what page to open within the app com-eventbrite-attendee://event/301259074

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Deep Links Can be Used For Customer Experience Driving App Installs App Re-Engagement

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How to Find Them… If the content on your app is similar to the content on your website, then you probably already have mobile deep link tags. Those are the tags that provide the information you need to create deep links with Bitly.

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Go to the Web Page & View the Source Code 1

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Know What You’re Looking For al:android:url Example: <meta property="al:android:url" content="applinks://docs" /> twitter:app:url:googleplay Example: <meta name="twitter:app:url:googleplay" content="sportscenter://x-callback-url/showStory?uid=12793263"/> android-app:// <link rel="alternate" href="android-app://com.example.android/example/gizmos" /> al:ios:url Example: <meta property="al:ios:url" content="applinks://docs" /> twitter:app:url:iphone Example: <meta name="twitter:app:url:iphone" content="sportscenter://x-callback-url/showStory?uid=12793263"/> N/A 2

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Search for Deep Link Tags 3

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Shorten a Long URL & Configure the Mobile Deep Link 4 TO ADD A NEW APP: Name Your App Click “Select Application” Click “Add Application”

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Customize Your Application (iOS) 5 App Store ID: 48792229 http://itunes.apple.com/us/apple/eventbrite-local-events-fun/id487922291?mt=8 Enter the Application Label Enter the iOS App Store ID via iTunes web page for the app

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http:/play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eventbrite.attendee&hi=en Customize Your Application (Android) 6 App Store ID: com.eventbrite.attendee Enter the Application Label Enter the Android Play Store ID

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Modify the Details 7 MODIFY APP NAME You can modify the App Name from what is listen in the app store for internal use here. ENTER APP SCHEME Enter the app scheme/name which was registered with the App Store - this is specific to each platform (iOS, Android, etc.) PROMOTE INSTALLS If you want Bitly to present the user who does not have the app install with an interstitial page driving the user to the App Store or the mobile web, check this box.

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Finalize the Bitlink 8 ADD THE URI A mobile deep link URI tells the device which page to open within the app.

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Test It Out! 9 Join us for a night of sunset cocktails and (free) live jazz: bit.ly/JazzEvent NYC Invites @nycinvites 9/8/15

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Measuring the Analytics METRICS There are two separate graphs to track your deep link analytics in Bitly: the first is around the operating system and the second is if you are promoting installs through the interstitial. Opens - the times the app has been opened Store Visits - the number of clicks the download app button Mobile Web - the number of clicks to the mobile web link on the interstitial CTR - sum of all interstitial actions/number of times the interstitial was viewed 10

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Programmatic Deep Link Creation via API BITLY API Want to enable deep linking functionality for all of your links? You can use the Bitly API to create programmatic deep links. To learn more, visit bitly.is/DevResources 11

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QA Testing Send an email with your Bitlink Click the link on your computer & phone Click the link across apps & on your desktop to make sure it goes to the right page Post the link across social networks Test the interstitial ad with a phone that doesn’t have the app installed

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What’s Next? Once you’ve created a deep link, it’s time to start building marketing campaigns for your app. With deep links, you can customize the user experience to drive installs and app re-engagement.

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WANT TO LEARN MORE? bitly.com Want to learn more about deep linking implementation? Sign up to learn more at bitly.is/DeepLinkSS or email your customer success manager.