iOS -- What's New?

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iOS 9 NEW FEATURES Multi-Tasking Open a second app without ever leaving the one you’re currently using. Answer a text, check something on the internet or read your emails - all from the same screen. Slide Over U KP J L Split View Picutre in Picture QuickType Multi-touch gestures are now able to alter the text you're working with; meaning features such as copy and pasting are quicker and simpler. B/U Keyboard Shortcuts Easy Text Selection Shortcut Bar An Even Better Siri Siri is now more intelligent and powerful. You can now search in much more detail across apps and Siri can make recommendations before you even say anything. “Show me photos from New York last September.” Reminder Pre-populated contacts, apps, and more. Check Notes 8:00 pm John Sasha Sam Twitter Facebook Instagram “Remind me about this tonight.” Longer Battery Life & Faster All Around iOS 9 is more efficient across the board - apps and key technologies have been tweaked to save battery and boost performance wherever possible. + 1 Hour Low Power Mode UPDATING Smaller, More Convenient Updates Faster & More Responsive Improved Security iOS 9 has beefed up security measures. It’s now a lot harder for someone to access your Apple account because of what Apple are calling ‘two-factor authentication’. 1 2 Six-digit Passcodes Two-factor Authentication WWW.INTERQUESTGROUP.COM

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