Webinar: Game of Phones - How to be Dominant in the Mobile Space

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Game of Phones How to be Dominant In the Mobile Space

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• Forces us to optimize • Is more personal • The future and the now

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Responsive(multiple liquid elements) Adaptive (multiple static elements) http://liquidapsive.com/ Do users care though?

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Large usable tap targets

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Remove unnecessary clutter

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Enable quick tasks

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Consider your users’ download speed

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Provide off-line access

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Controls should not be too close together. Design should recognize physical limitations

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Standardise usage, gestures

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•For larger screens •More content •Vertical/horizontal scrolling •Larger file sizes e.g. Images

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•Mostly for smaller screens •Less content •Mostly Vertical Scrolling •Large calls to action/buttons

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Key aspects of a mobile website • Usability • Legibility • Image Size • Site Navigation • Page Structure • Scrolling

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Advantages •Immediacy, instantly available while on the move •Compatibility, standards are clearer •Broader Reach, better for certain demographics

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Monitor popularity Analytics>Audience>Mobile>Devices

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HTML versus apps

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Put consumers first 1. What do they want and need? 2. Technology, SEO, UX serves this

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Know your audience •What does my audience expect? •What does my audience want? •What do you want your audience to want?

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•Access Anywhere (we’re mobile) •Quick response time (we’re impatient) •Intuitive and Easy •Resource Management (less battery, less data)

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Mobile Ad spend is up and is still predominantly in mobile search • Up to 64% of smartphone owners use their mobile device to search the web on a daily basis. • Searching for “local” products/ services. • Where are you driving traffic to?

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Mobile Ad placement is harder to gain attention • Much smaller screen size • Do you have a mobile optimized site/ landing pages? • Is your phone number clickable? • Harder to stand out organic results “below the fold”

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What we do

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• Review your current strategy • With you plan/refine a new strategy • Work with you on mobile audience/customer reach • Consult to you about or help you build mobile site • Consult to you or create content • Test • Take away the stress, provide expert advice, step I when needed • Train • Measure your success, recommendations

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