Verizon’s 5G Network: Everything You Need to Know

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Verizon’s 5G Network: Everything You Need to Know

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The current standard in wireless connectivity, 4G LTE, is fast.

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Right now, Verizon’s LTE network averages speeds of 10 Mbps, or faster, across 121 U.S. markets. Source: RootMetrics.

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Which is about as fast as the average home Internet connection.

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Verizon helped pioneer LTE technology back in 2008, and launched its 4G LTE network in 2010.

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Since then, Verizon’s network has outpaced the competition.

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And the carrier’s network recently received the ranking of best overall performance by RootMetrics. Source: RootMetrics.

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But Verizon’s not content with staying there.

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This month, the carrier announced that it’ll start testing 5G wireless technology in 2016.

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5G doesn’t have any set standards yet, but it’ll likely consist of a new set of wireless frequencies…

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That could allow separate streams of data for high-capacity systems, personal devices, and Internet of Things capabilities.

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Oh, and it’ll be really fast, too.

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“5G technology, although not standardized yet, is expected to offer 50 times the throughput of LTE, have a latency in the single milliseconds and be able to accommodate the anticipated explosion in Internet-connected devices.” Sue Marek, FierceWireless Source: FierceWireless.

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Verizon says its wireless speeds could reach 5 gigabits to 10 gigabits in the next three years.

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Which is a great thing, considering Nokia thinks that by 2020, we’ll all be using 1GB of data every day. Source: CNBC.

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But Verizon’s not the only company developing 5G technology.

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Nokia’s already tested its own 5G connection.

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The company used the 7,300 GHz spectrum to pack in more data in between airwaves.

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And says the end result could allow users to download an HD movie in less than one second.

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And Chinese technology company Huawei says it’ll test 5G technology with Russian carrier MegaFon at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

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In the meantime, Verizon’s collaborating with Samsung, Nokia, Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, and Cisco to test out 5G and help set universal standards.

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And hopes to have a 5G network sometime in 2020.

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Until then, its customers will just have to settle for the carrier’s lightning-fast connections, extensive LTE signals, and superior network quality.

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