5 Tools To Automate Your App's Growth Process

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We are experiencing a sea of change in marketing. An end to marketing managers spending countless hours micro-managing. www.sparkpage.com

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It’s the dawn of Growth Automation Marketers are no longer “running campaigns”. Instead, they are building a system that continuously produces growth. One that gets the right customers to grow the business. www.sparkpage.com

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At SparkPage, we are champions of growth automation. We help companies discover what they should be automating and find the right tools to build their own growth automation machines . www.sparkpage.com

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To get you started Here are 5 tools that will help you build your growth automation machine. www.sparkpage.com

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It’s a no-brainer that social is probably central to your growth strategy, right? But… it’s time-consuming. www.sparkpage.com

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A single tweet promoting your content right now isn’t going to reach your full audience. In fact, it will only reach a small amount. You need to be tweeting multiple times per day. www.sparkpage.com

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Let’s take a lesson about this from Hootsuite. They researched how often they would have to tweet to reach their whole audience - 6.7 million of them. www.sparkpage.com

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Here’s what they discovered: “only 70,000 people on average see any single Tweet we send. If you do the math, we would have to send a Tweet a minimum of 96 times before we could be sure all 6.7 million followers were to see it at least once.” 96 tweets! Ain’t nobody got time for that! www.sparkpage.com

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Tweeting 96 times for a single piece of content isn’t a smart use of your time. You need to automate! www.sparkpage.com

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Like Hootsuite you need to continuously schedule, recycle and test your social media content. As Hootsuite stated: “For us, performance is a measure of interest—even on the 150th Tweet of the same piece of outstanding content, we have found that users are still clicking the link to read the post and sharing it with friends.” www.sparkpage.com

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Buffer Buffer allows growth managers to automate and schedule social media posts effortlessly. Easy to understand and actionable analytics allows you to optimize your social media. www.sparkpage.com

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Why use onboarding messages? Direct customers on how to use your product Establish a connection 74.4% of users expect them The list goes on… www.sparkpage.com

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However, onboarding emails are tricky. Sending multiple messages, at the right time, based on user behavior can be a lot of work. www.sparkpage.com

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Onboarding + automation = a perfect match! With the right tool, you can easily set up emails that are triggered based on a customer’s behavior. Everything can be automated - from sign-up to motivation to win-back and everything in between. www.sparkpage.com

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Just like Nextdoor does. They use triggered emails to perfectly onboard their users. www.sparkpage.com

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Within minutes of joining, users are sent this email that is a simple welcome message and directs them about how to get started www.sparkpage.com

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They continue to send emails based on user activity, new features and updates to onboard and activate their users www.sparkpage.com

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SparkPage SparkPage is lifecycle marketing for growth teams. It lets you build automated onboarding campaigns using push, email, and SMS. www.sparkpage.com

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SparkPage It boasts amazing features including great analytics, A/B testing features to optimize your onboarding. And it only takes 30 minutes to set up! www.sparkpage.com

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App stores are a competitive environment. And getting reviews is a critical factor in app store optimization. www.sparkpage.com

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Higher ratings = Higher rankings In fact 34% app store users find apps through “top rated” lists. That’s a huge amount of traffic! www.sparkpage.com

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The problem with reviews, however, is that users usually don’t bother with them. You need to prompt them. And an automated gentle reminder that nudges them to rate your app is essential. www.sparkpage.com

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Let’s look at an example from Weave They send a simple they have simple yet effective notification just asking “Would you mind rating us in the App Store?” www.sparkpage.com

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Apptentive Apptentive aims to get your app more ratings and get insights into how your customers feel. It enables you to automate your prompts so you get most amount of reviews. www.sparkpage.com

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To optimize engagement and customer loyalty, you must A/B test your emails. This means consistently adaption, measuring and analyzing every aspect get to your growth sweet spot. www.sparkpage.com

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A/B testing can be laborious, time-consuming and difficult to monitor especially over multiple channels. And if you want to be a growth automator, doing these one by one just isn’t going to cut it. www.sparkpage.com

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You need tools to automate. Tools that allow you to create, run and monitor numerous campaigns at once so that user engagement is optimized quickly and without a lot of fuss. www.sparkpage.com

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SparkPage SparkPage enables you to run numerous A/B tests on your onboarding emails. Test everything from headlines, CTA to more advanced tests on your onboarding flow. www.sparkpage.com

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It’s well documented that most of your users won’t convert, download or signup for your free trial the first time around. And if they do they don’t always stay engaged. www.sparkpage.com

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Retargeting for apps not only is a great way to get potential customers using your app. You know they are interested so remind them that you are still there. www.sparkpage.com

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Netflix gives users a 30-day free trial but not all of those trials convert. Using retargeting ads of TV shows on an offer can be a clever method of enticing that user back. And seeing the value of their product. www.sparkpage.com

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AdRoll Adroll allows you to retarget across multiple channels including Facebook, Twitter and on multiple platforms. You can track conversions, get detailed analytics and automate campaigns to get users converting. www.sparkpage.com

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Growth automation takes time. But… Once implemented it will be the end of tedious micromanaging and enable you to do more, grow faster and engage with the right audience. www.sparkpage.com

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Start with one at a time . And slowly incorporate these tools into your marketing strategy. And eventually you will have built a system that produces growth on a large scale. And… give us a call - we’re glad to help. www.sparkpage.com

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