Evolution of the iPhone Camera

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iPhone Camera 13o 75 1 0.93 2 20mm F 5mm 1 2 1 2007 iPhone 3G iPhone 2008 CAMERA CAMERA 2-MEGAPIXEL 2-MEGAPIXEL SCREEN SCREEN 3.5-INCH SCREEN 3.5-INCH SCREEN 480X320 AT 163PPI iOS THE APP STORE 480X320 AT 163PPI 3rd party apps can be developed for iPhone $499 - $599 $199 - $299 iPhone 2.0 4/8GB 2009 iPhone 1.0 Samsung Processor 8/16GB Samsung Processor iiPhone 3Gs $199 - $299 iPhone 2.0 8/16GB Samsung Processor CAMERA 3 SCREEN mpx 3.5-INCH 480X320 SCREEN AT 163PPI AUTOFOCUS Auto-focus, as well as new tap-to-focus functionality VIDEO 480p/30fps 2010 iiPhone 4 $199 - $299 iOS 4 16/32GB Apple A4 Processor CAMERA SELFIE TIME! 5 Introduction of a 640x480 pixel (VGA) front-facing camera mpx LENS FLARE Large reddish lens flares common when shooting into the sun 5X DIGITAL ZOOM, F/2.8 LENS VIDEO RETINA SCREEN 720p/30fps 3.5-INCH 960x640 SCREEN AT 326PPI 2011 iiPhone 4S $199 - $399 iOS 5 16/32/64GB Apple A5 Processor CAMERA 8 LENS FLARE mpx Reddish lens flare issue when shooting into the sun fixed, though flare is still quite noticeable F/2.4 LENS HD VIDEO RETINA SCREEN 1080p/30fps iOS 5 UPDATE Introduction of iCloud and Photo Stream 2012 3.5-INCH 960x640 SCREEN AT 326PPI iiPhone 5 $199 - $399 iOS 6 16/32/64GB Apple A6 Processor CAMERA FACETIME HD 8 Improved 1280x960 pixel (1.2 megapixel) front-facing camera PANORAMA mpx New Panorama mode in Camera app F/2.4 LENS RETINA SCREEN iOS 6 UPDATE Introduction of iOS 6 Introduction of Shared Photo Streams New Panorama mode in camera app 4-INCH SCREEN 1136x640 AT 326PPI (16:9 aspect ratio) 2013 iiPhone 5S $199 - $399 iOS 7 16/32/64GB Apple A7 Processor CAMERA 8 BURST MODE 10fps burst mode mpx SLO-MO VIDEO Arrival of 120fps 720p slo-mo video IMPROVED F/2.2 LENS RETINA SCREEN CAMERA APP New camera app includes a nod to Instagram with square frame option and creative filters 4-INCH SCREEN 1136x640 AT 326PPI (16:9 aspect ratio) PHOTOS APP Photos app automatically arranges images into Collections & Moments based on location and date 2014 iiPhone 6 /+ AUTO-FOCUS New image sensor featuring “Focus Pixels” that improve auto-focus $199 - $499 16/64/128GB IMPROVEMENTS Improved Face Detection, Exposure Control & Auto Image Stabilization iOS 8 Apple A8 Processor IMAGE STABILIZATION Optical Image Stabilization 6 Plus uses the A8 process, gyroscope, and M8 Motion co-processor to compensate for camera shake CAMERA PANORAMA 8 High resolution panorama mode with auto exposure yields images up to 43mp mpx TIME LAPSE MODE 5 ELEMENT F/2.2 LENS RETINA HD SCREEN New True Tone Flash VIDEO 1080p HD video at 30 & 60fps; 720p video at super slo-mo 240fps plus continuous autofocus and cinematic video stabilization 4.7-INCH 1134x720 SCREEN AT 326PPI 5.5-INCH 1920x1080 SCREEN AT 401PPI PHOTOS APP iCLOUD PHOTO LIBRARY 2015 New Photos app provides redesigned and expanded editing functionality iPhone 6S/+ APP EXTENSIONS App extensions allow 3rd party photo apps to be accessed from within the Apple Photos app $199 - $499 iOS 9 16/64/128GB Apple A9 Processor iSIGHT CAMERA FRONT CAMERA 12 New 5-megapixel front-facing FaceTime HD camera with Retina Display Flash mpx PANORAMA All new iSight Camera: 12-megapixels, f/2.2, 5-element Lens Panoramas up to 63 megapixels RETINA HD SCREEN VIDEO 4K HD video, 3480x2160 pixels at 30fps LIVE PHOTOS 4.7-INCH 1334x750 SCREEN AT 326PPI Adds 1.5 seconds of motion and sound before and after the shot (display via 3D Touch) 5.5-INCH 1920x1080 SCREEN AT 401PPI Learn more about iPhone photography at Lynda.com. lynda.com/iphone-photography /lynda-com /lynda /lynda

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