The Future of Brand Marketing = In-App Mobile Video

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The Future of Brand Marketing = In-App Mobile Video MMA Webinar Series October 06, 2015 Sponsored by:

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About the MMA The MMA is the world's leading global non-profit trade association comprised of more than 800 member companies, from nearly fifty countries around the world. The MMA's mission is to accelerate the transformation and innovation of marketing through mobile, driving business growth with closer and stronger consumer engagement. Anchoring the MMA's mission are four core pillars: MMA Members Include: For more information about membership email: membership@mmaglobal.com 2

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3 Managing Your Questions Share the Insights #MMAWeb

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Moderator Leo Scullin Head of Global Industry Initiatives Mobile Marketing Association Anne Frisbie SVP, InMobi Exchange and Global Alliances InMobi Presenter 4

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1 bn uniques globally Deep audience insights Custom and Seasonal Audience Segments 200 Mn 160 Mn 250 Mn 390 Mn Exclusive & strategic Highly engaging ad formats Native Video Rich Media Banner Full Screen

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Interesting Trends

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“The world has really not just gone from desktop to mobile, but maybe more importantly from a world run by channels to a world which was characterized by millions of sites and now eventually to a world dominated by apps…” - Rob Norman Global Chief Digital Officer, GroupM

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88% of Smartphone Usage is driven by Apps 53% of Total Digital Media Time Spent is In-App Source: comScore

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Mobile Video & TV: Usage Behavior global 22% US 25% China 37% UK 25%

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48% of people only or mostly only use mobile apps to watch video on their smartphones Only/mostly mobile apps 48% Only/mostly mobile web 18% Source: IAB

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Understanding In-App Mobile Video Ads…

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Types of Videos VAST Video Rich Media Video (MRAID) Scale Interactive

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Types of Video Ads : VAST

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Linear VAST on Desktop Pre-Roll / Post-Roll Video with Companion Ad

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Non-Linear VAST on Desktop

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Types of Video Ads: Linear VAST on Mobile Full Screen Interstitial – Landscape Mode

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First topic Second topic Types of Video Ads : Native Video Is scroll the new skip?

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Best Practices for High Performing VAST Video Ads MP4 Files (play across all devices and OS) Multiple files: 480p/720p/1080p (best resolution picked up based on bandwidth) Aspect Ratio – 16:9 Duration: 10 seconds – 30 seconds. Optimal: 15 seconds SSL compliance CORS header 1 Wrapper only

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Types of Video Ads: MRAID In-Banner RM Video Ads Leveraged in Tablets and 300x250 Banners on Mobile

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Types of Video Ads: MRAID Expandable Video Ads Landscape videos (16:9) Play in Portrait/Landscape mode

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Types of Video Ads: MRAID Interstitial Video Ads

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Types of Video Ads: Vertical Video The Future of Mobile Video Fullscreen video – 320x568 (9:16) MRAID or VAST

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Best Practices for High Performing RM Video Ads Autoplay 2 Sets of Creatives: Delayed Skippable (end of Q1) and Non Skippable, ensures high viewability Duration: 10 seconds – 30 seconds. Optimal: 15 seconds Recommended Settings:

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Direct Metrics to Care About Viewability Completion Rate Engagement

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In-App Video Experience Lends Itself to High Viewability Full screen, auto-play, delayed or non-skippable MRC is yet to publish guidelines specific to in-app mobile inventory Third party viewability services offer limited or no in app viewability metrics, and none are MRC accredited yet

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Critical Advantage: In the Moment Location + Video = High User Intent

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Thank You efficientbuying@inmobi.com

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Upcoming MMA Events Mobile Campaigns: Secrets to Delivering Superior Conversions Thursday, Oct 8th To App or Not to App: Strategies & Tactics to Make your App a Success Tuesday, Oct 13th View Webinar & Events Calendar http://www.mmaglobal.com/events/other/webinars http://www.mmaglobal.com/calendar/monthly MMA Forum Vietnam October 30, 2015 MMA Forum Spain October 27, 2015 MMA Forum Indonesia October 15, 2015 MMA Forum Mexico October 22, 2015 MMA Webinar Series 28

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MMA programs and working groups consist of executives who discuss key issues for a specific industry segment, technology or business issue. The programs and working groups meet on an ongoing basis to develop and execute industry initiatives that reflect the needs of their initiative area and membership.  To join a program, contact committees@mmaglobal.com. MMA Programs and Initiatives 29

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