Building a Map for the Met App

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Building a Map for The Met app Spencer Kiser and Subathra Thanabalan The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Apps and API

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The Met App

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App Store Reviews

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App Store Reviews

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Museum Print Map

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Website Map

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Met App Map

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Tech Stack

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Indoor Mapping

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World Map Projection GeoTIFF is a public domain metadata standard which allows georeferencing information to be embedded within a TIFF file.

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World Map Projection

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Upload Tiles

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(X,Y) to (Lat,Long)

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Pros Speed to market Reusable Using existing workflows

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Cons Not a vector map Not available offline Not ready for indoor positioning

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App Store Reviews

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Sessions Map Search the Collection Audio Guide

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Session Lengths

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User Feedback Font is fuzzy No offline mode No positioning / blue dot

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Next Steps System redesign Digital first Launch Spring 2016 (tentative)

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Learn More “Mapping User Feedback on the Met App” http://bit.ly/1rc9pnW “Building an indoor map with Mapbox” http://bit.ly/1RmyB4t @spenczar @subzthanabalan

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