10 Steps to Launch an app in the App Store

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10 steps to launch an app in the App Store

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Launching an app in the App Store  Yes, this is the exciting moment when your App is finished and you want to launch it in the App Store. Beware though, there is still a pretty long and sometimes bumpy road ahead of you.  Let us show you, how to launch an app in the App Store.

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Patience 01/10 Prepare yourself to be patient - you overcoming the obstacles and regulations of the mighty App Store might take some time.

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„Paper work” 02/10 Agree to all paid app contracts and complete your personal information (it might take even up to several, disturbing weeks).

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Screenshots 03/10 After finishing the second step, you should prepare materials, to entice your potential clients. First of all – screenshots (in all needed sizes – 3,5; 4; 4,7; 5,5; inches).

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Binary version 04/10 In the next step, you should make sure, that you have binary version (not the develeopment one) of your app, so you can put it on the App Store.

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Keywords 05/10 While your application might be great, unfortunately it won’t be enough to sell it. Keywords that will describe your child, will play deciding role in the Apps success – users have to find the product easily, so choose wisely. Other than that, the general word limit is 100.

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Write about it 06/10 Prepare great application description. Reasons? Same as above. Check some of the Top Apps, to see what a good description looks like.

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Give it a name 07/10 There is a big probability, that you have already finished this step, but just to be sure – find an attractive and easy to remember name for the App.

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Money 08/10 Price your app – and be a realist whilst doing so or your app might become another great product, that just didn’t sell.

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The big moment 09/10 Now is the moment we were all waiting for, submitting your masterpiece to Apple! Buckle up.

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Waiting 10/10 Waiting is all that’s left – App Store engineers will either accept or reject the App, changing your life forever.

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