Hard Drives vs. SSDs: Storage Technology Demystified

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vs. Storage Technology Demystified By:

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Confused about all the hype surrounding SSDs?

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We don’t blame you. 3

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What you do know is…

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Your computer is driving you @#%!& crazy. why are you taking so long to boot?!!?

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Who? Me? And it’s most likely ‘cause of this thing… Your hard drive.

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And no, don’t defrag your hard drive… …AGAIN!!! (We know what you were thinking) There’s only so much defragging can do to enhance storage performance…

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What does yours say? Defrag won’t save you from… …the lag?

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Instead, consider upgrading to a solid state drive.

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Wondering why? Glad you asked…

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SSDs are More…

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Because SSDs have no moving parts Hard drives consist of various moving parts making them susceptible to shock and damage, while SSDs use a non-mechanical design of NAND flash mounted on a circuit board and are shock resistant up to 1500g/0.5ms. platters spindle r/w head cache nand flash memory actuator arm controller arm pivot actuator Shock resistant up to 350g/2ms Shock resistant up to 1500g/0.5ms

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And because SSDs have no moving parts…

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SSDs are Faster. Period. SSDs can be up to 100 times faster resulting in rapid data access and system acceleration. HDDs inherently take longer to access data because of their need for the disks to spin while the HDD head seeks out the data requested by the host. On the contrary, any part of the SSD can be accessed instantaneously. 14

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In fact…

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Way. Bandwidth | Megabytes per second | Higher = Better 550 MB/s OCZ Vector SSD 200 MB/s Desktop HDD Laptop HDD 125 MB/s sources: manufacturer website specifications 16

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Way. Way. I/0 performance | Input/outputs Operations per second | Higher = Better 100,000 IOPS OCZ Vector SSD Desktop HDD Notebook HDD 300 IOPS 100 IOPS sources: manufacturer website specifications 17

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Way. Way. Fast. Response Time | milliseconds | Lower = Better OCZ Vector SSD Desktop HDD Notebook HDD 0.05ms 6 ms 12 ms sources: manufacturer website specifications 18

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Leading to a better, more responsive PC experience. Take gaming for instance… 19

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Own the game. Dude, how’d you get in the game so fast? source: techreport.com Wouldn’t you like to know…

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Or these common uses Windows Boot BIOS: Full: 24 sec 63 sec 9 sec 23 sec 160% faster File Copy Large File: Program: 42 MB/s 34 MB/s Virus Scan 307 MB/s 206 MB/s 630% faster sources: pcworld.com; zdnet.com; techspot.com System 32: 65 sec 43 sec 33% faster

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And your favorite media apps Video Editing PCMark7: 16 MB/s 23 MB/s 43% faster Photoshop 400MB TIF: 26 sec Importing Photos 8 sec 225% faster sources: techspot.com; laptopmag.com PCMark7: 6 MB/s 30 MB/s 400% faster

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And the fact that SSDs have no moving parts leads to more awesome benefits aside from performance…

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SSDs are more Reliable. One universally accepted metric for measuring SSD reliability is known as an “annual failure rate.” Exhaustive studies have shown that SSDs have an annual failure rate of tenths of 1%, while the AFRs for HDDs can run as high as 4 to 6 percent. source: networkworld.com

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SSDs use Less Power 6 – 7 Watts vs. 2 – 4 Watts Which can lead to up to 30 more minutes of battery life for notebook users. source: storagereview.com

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SSDs are cooler . Thanks to no moving parts and completing tasks faster, SSDs run at cooler temperatures. 34 – 44 °C 26 – 30 °C source: anandtech.com; techreport.com (case testing)

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SSDs are Lighter . 48 grams Lighter OCZ Trion 480GB SSD 113 grams Mobile 2.5-inch 500GB Hard Drive Making mobile users who lug around their notebook happy.

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SSDs are Quieter, er, Silent. SSD = z e r o Desktop HDD = 15 ~ 32dBA Notebook HDD = 14 ~ 18dBA Airborne Acoustics (dBA@1m) Airborne Acoustics (dBA@1m) source: silentpcreview.com; storagereview.com

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SSD, you are the clear winn-ah.

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So now you know the secret behind why these people are so happy…

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So now you know the secret behind why these people are so happy…

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Time to upgrade?

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