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BY- SUMAN SAURABH 3RD YEAR EEE-B 03 December 2014 1

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Content outline Introduction What make it works? Technologies used Ok glass…… Applications Advantages Disadvantages Conclusion Reviews References 03 December 2014 2

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03 December 2014 3

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Introduction Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display(OHMD) that is being developed by Google in the Project Glass. Google Glass displays information in a smartphone -like hands-free format, that can communicate with the Internet via natural language voice commands. 03 December 2014 4

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WHAT MAKE IT WORKS? 1.5 GHz microprocessor Inbuilt 16 Gb Memory 682MB RAM Bluetooth 4.0 and wi-fi 5mp camera with 720p video recording Voice censor and mice and speaker Battery (6 hrs. backup) 3 axis gyroscope [56] 3 axis accelerometer [56] 3 axis magnetometer (compass)[56] Ambient light sensing and proximity sensor 03 December 2014 6

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Technologies Used Wearable Computing Ambient Intelligence Eye Tap Technology 4G Technology Android Technology Augmented Reality 03 December 2014 7

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Wearable computing Worn by the bearer under , with or on top of clothing. Developed for general or special purpose information technologies and media development 03 December 2014 8

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Ambient intelligence Electronic environments that are sensitive and responsive to the presence of people. Devices work in concert to support people in carrying out their everyday life activities. 03 December 2014 9

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EYE TAP Technology EyeTap is a device that is worn in front of the eye that acts as a eye to record the scene available to the eye as well as a display. 03 December 2014 10

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4G technology 4G Technology is basically the extension in the 3G technology with more bandwidth and services offers in the 3G. This system provides higher data rates of 100 Mbps in mobility to 1 Gbps while stationary 03 December 2014 11

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Android technology Android is a Linux-based operating for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers, developed by Google in conjunction with the Open handset Alliance 03 December 2014 12

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Augmented reality Augmented reality is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment. Real-world elements are augmented by generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. 03 December 2014 13

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APPLICATIONS 1. You can make calls via Glass. 2. Say “take a picture’ to take a picture 3. Google Glass you can record hands free 4. If you’re lost Google Glass will rescue you. 5. Google Glass can be a translator. 6. Google Glass is faster than a smartphone. 7. You can make Google Glass like Google. 8. Google Glass make social networking easy. 9. Google Glass can let you know how fast you are driving. 03 December 2014 20

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ADVANTAGES Glass is sleek, light and easily wearable and you won’t require keeping it on and off your pockets, like mobile phones. you can use it while doing day to day activities. Glass will provide you detailed information and satisfactory results on your queries. capturing video or image is more effective. sharing is easy. Easier navigation and maps will be provided through Glass. Can be used by a handicapped person. 03 December 2014 21

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DISADVANTAGES Due to pop up adds and notification regular obstacle during day to day life. No public privacy concern so the worry of leaking out information still remains. As display is too near to the eyeball it may cause serious damage to eyeball. Cost is too high around 1500$ but after mass production its will be reduced to 500$ approx. 03 December 2014 22

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Conclusion Google glasses are basically wearable computers that use the evolving familiar technologies that brings the sophistication and ease of communication and information . Hands free technology by Google. Assistance to disabled individuals. Google Glass is fashionable and frame colors are available in gray, orange, black, white and light blue. 03 December 2014 23

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Reviews Glass received recognition by Time Magazine as one of the “Best Inventions of the Year 2012”. After a visit to the University of Cambridge by Google's chairman Eric Schmidt in February 2013, Wolfson College professor John Naughton praised the Glass and its achievements in hardware and networking. 03 December 2014 24

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References Content- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_glass main website- http://www.google.com/glass/start/ Blogs- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robert-scoble/google-glass Other sites- www.mashable.com/category/project-glass/? https://sites.google.com/a/cortland.edu/googleglasses/advantages 03 December 2014 25

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