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Seminar On Vikash Meena Roll no. - 10ERIIT030 Branch- Information Technology(4th year)

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INTRODUCTION The Xbox is a video gaming brand series created by Microsoft. in the sixth to eighth generations, as well as applications , streaming services, and the online service.

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That original device was the first console offered by an American company It reached over 24 million units sold as of May 10, 2006. Microsoft's second console, the ”Xbox 360”, was released in 2005 and has sold over 77.2 million consoles worldwide as of April 18 , 2013 The successor to the Xbox 360 and Microsoft's most recent console, the Xbox One was revealed on May 21, 2013. The “Xbox One” would be released in 21 markets around the world on November 22, 2013, with the UK as its first country. History of X-BOX

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In 1998  Microsoft's ”Direct-X” team construct a prototype Microsoft Windows-based video game console which known as DirectX Box. Xbox is a shortened name of Direct-Xbox  Xbox Live, a based online gaming service that enabled subscribers to download new content and connect with other players through a broadband connection. Xbox Live

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Services of XBOX live - Online gaming service Allowing subscribers to play online Xbox games with other subscribers around the world The online service works only with a broadband Internet connection. Approximately 2,50,000 subscribers signed up within two months of Xbox Live's launch.

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Xbox 360 The Xbox 360 is a video game console developed by Microsoft, and is the successor to the original Xbox, and it is the second console in the Xbox series. The Xbox 360 was officially unveiled on MTV on May 12, 2005. As of October 2013, 80 million Xbox 360 consoles have been sold worldwide, making it the seventh-highest-selling video game console in history. Microsoft released two models of the console: the Xbox 360 S in 2010 the Xbox 360 E in 2013

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Services of XBOX 360 - Play games online Download games (through Xbox Live Arcade) and game demos Purchase and stream music, Television programs, and films through the Xbox Music Xbox Video portals Access third - party content services through media streaming applications. In addition to online multimedia features - The Xbox 360 allows users to stream media from local PCs. Several peripherals have been released, including wireless controllers, expanded hard drive storage, and the Kinect motion sensing camera.

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XBOX ONE Xbox One is a video game console developed and marketed by Microsoft. Announced on May 21, 2013, it is the successor to the Xbox 360 and is the third console in the Xbox family.  It is part of the eighth generation of video game consoles. Microsoft and various publications have classified the device as an "all-in-one entertainment system", making it a competitor to other home media devices such as the Apple TV and the Google TV platforms.

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Services & Key Feature of XBOX ONE - Live television programming from an existing set-top box, split-screen multitasking of applications, and improved second screen support. uses Blu-Ray Disk and Multitasking. A newly upgraded Kinect motion sensing peripheral, previously an optional attachment for the Xbox 360. Skype client for video conferencing, user recognition and tracking, and the ability to use voice commands and gestures to navigate the console's user interface. New gaming functionality(introducing 3D,hardcore game) includes an expanded Xbox Live service. supports 4K resolution (3840?2160) (2160p) video output and 7.1 surround sound.

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Improved Kinect functionality hands-free and 3D experience. supports HDMI 1.4 for both input and output Cloud computing, The ability to automatically record and share video highlights from gameplay Support for live streaming gameplay online. The console can monitor its internal temperature and adjust accordingly to prevent overheating.

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Comparison between Xbox live , xbox 360 & Xbox One

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advantage of x-box Bigger game library than the PS3 currently. X-Box Live has a considerably large fan-base and certain games can also interact with Vista Live. Cheaper face value than a PS3. Many decent-good FPS.

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dISadvantage of x-box Relatively high chance of a defective system. The HD-DVD is a thing of the past therefore 360 games are now capped in size at 8.54gigs unless Blu-Ray support is added. X-Box Live requires a subscription. Aside from FPS, Sports games, and generic action games the 360 has an extremely limited game library in terms of genre. Only uses expensive proprietary Microsoft Harddrives. Compared by features and cost at length it's actually more expensive than a PS3. mostly sport and japanese-character-based games(IN XBOX 360).

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The Xbox 360 is a fantastic machine. I have to credit Microsoft for an excellent User Interface that is both easy to use and good looking, something that doesn't usually go together with Microsoft products . I have to say that the Xbox Live! Arcade is where many of you will spend a lot of your time, its a great idea and being able to download demos finally is a godsend as trying before you buy is vital for those kind of games and you really can get hours of fun for very little money. The High Definition graphics that the Xbox 360 produces are wonderful there is no doubt, games like Call of Duty 2,Racing 3 stunned me. We really are entering an age where photo realistic graphics in games is becoming a reality. Conclusions

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