Samsung Gear Fit Review

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Samsung Gear Fit Review The Samsung Gear Fit is not just a fitness tracker, or a smartwatch it's both. combines smartwatch features, such as call and alarm notifications, with the functions of a more traditional fitness tracker, such as the ability to track daily steps and calories burned. It even includes a heart rate monitor that works when you're at rest or exercising. But is this hybrid better than a normal tracker?

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Samsung Gear Fit

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Samsung Gear Fit : First Look

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The Samsung Gear Fit is unlike any other fitness band in the market. The 1.8-inch curved Super AMOLED display looks incredibly sexy and functions well too.

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Samsung Gear Fit The display is quite simply gorgeous and besides the standard assortment of wallpapers, you can even upload your own through the phone. The screen is very legible in sunlight as well.

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Beautiful Looks On Hand

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Sexy Looks Forever On Hand

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