Fin- The Wearable Ring

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Fin- The Wearable Ring

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What is fin Fin is tiny hardware product that you can wear to the thumb of your hand and it will make your whole palm as a touch interface Bluetooth enabled trendy gadget through which you can control the entire digital world. Fin reads different gestures from your palm and its corresponding values control your connected devices. It works on Smart Low Energy technology as it uses Bluetooth Technology for communication with target devices. The Fin ring costs around Rs.7400

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Unique features

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What fin can do

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What fin can Fin can control Car’s Music System

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What fin can With fin you can play games

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What fin can Fin can control Smart TVs

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What fin can Fin can control Camera’s Shutter

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What fin can Fin can control Head Mounted Devices

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What fin can Fin can help 285+ million visually impaired to interact with Technology

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What fin can Fin can dial numbers from palm

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Gesture Interaction on palm

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Working Users input a gesture Performs the task as conveyed by gesture and gives the output Sensors detect the gestures, deduces into signal and passes it to device

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How is it different

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Future The fund being collected would be invested in the following fields: Adding more enhancements to Fin like Unique User Authentication. Assembly and complete Kit. Materials and Designs. Hardware manufacturing. Hardware Design. Funding for materials cost. Platform integration and support. Casing and packaging

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