Unzipping the Potential

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Unzipping the Potential Wearable Device Measurement Opportunities

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At the forefront 2 We are only beginning to tap into the vast potential of wearables and IoT. The pure applications are limitless, but finding the right opportunities is no easy task.

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Our presentation story 3

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Addressing B2B 4 By definition, wearables require a piece of hardware. Many B2B products and services are intangible or highly confidential making the application of wearables much more challenging.

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Wearables 5

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Internet of things 6

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Embedded computing 7

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Data analytics 8

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Wearable > Big Data < Internet of Things 9

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Prospect profiling Customer targeting Selective marketing Attrition identification Career path Employee productivity tools Fraud detection Anti money laundry Credit scoring Monetizing the data 10 Targeted digital marketing Client profiling Identify new business opportunities. Contextualization and content personalization Brand positioning Revenue generation Cost savings/ optimization Compliance & regulatory alignment Digital marketing Client profiling Identify new business opportunities Risk reduction

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iBeacons 11 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons are small enough to be located anywhere. The server uses these micro-location trigger IDs to tell either the mobile device or another system to perform a contextual action designed by the business owner. How iBeacons work The many business applications…

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iBeacon - intelligent store lighting 12 1 4 3 2

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iBeacon experience on casino floor 13 Provide personalized attention on arrival Proximity marketing and promotions Area related content Extend play experience to mobile devices Reporting on occupancy and usage monitoring

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iBeacon data output 14

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Fraud prevention + wearables 15 Wearables Big Data Mobility

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iBeacons: personalized experience 16 IoT Big Data Mobility

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Resource usage dashboard 17 Meeting rooms Desktops Printers Shared spaces and recreational spaces Restaurant and coffee shops

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DIY 18

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Measuring light, motion, temperature and more 19 www.adafruit.com Motion Temp Location Light

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The sensors are limitless 20 www.adafruit.com Jpeg camera Fingerprint sensor Microphone Temperature sensor Contact sensors

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Our example 21 We wanted to look at exposure to motion, and see if we could start tracking the data

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How do you set it up? 22 1. Get your hardware 2. Get a Google Analytics account 3. Implement some code

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Build a tool to detect motion 23 http://nicomiceli.com/tracking-your-home-with-google-analytics/

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Register a Universal Analytics account 24 Get into Google Analytics Create an account and select a property that you want to manage You’ll get a key that you’ll need to use for the future

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Register a Universal Analytics account 25 You need some python code (we copied from a blog) You need the universal key from Google Write the code to Raspberry Pi

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Watch your data! 26

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What else can you do with the data? 27 Potential Use Cases Retail sales environment (Best Buy, Walmart, etc.) Conferences and exhibits Automotive dealerships Grocery stores (looking at traffic by product)

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Be mindful of our duties as researchers 28 We will be introduced to new challenges we haven’t seen before. http://www.businessinsider.com/senator-warns-fitbit-is-a-privacy-nightmare-2014-8 Senator Chuck Schumer “The fact that private health data… is being gathered by applications like Fitbit and can then be sold to third-parties without the user’s consent is a true privacy nightmare"

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In conclusion … 29

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