Flexible Screens: Death to All Devices

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Introduce AMOLED Where screens are headed Device Disappearance Building blocks Quick ideas

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Phone bashing Swarm of bees Star Trek reference Alcohol pun Forlorn looking puppy

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OLED (organic light-emitting diode)

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AM-OLED Advantages Lower cost Lightweight Flexible Wider viewing angles Brightness Power efficient Thinner Fast response time (2010) Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode

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LG flexible plastic ePaper (2010)

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Samsung Flexible AMOLED Display (2011)

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LG flexible plastic ePaper (2012)

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E Ink Mobius Flexible Display (2013)

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E Ink Mobius Flexible Display (2013)

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Sony Digital Paper Prototype (2013)

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Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 bends 75 to 80 degrees (2014)

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LG G Flex D958 Curved P-OLED Phone (2014)

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$38 Datawind UbiSlate 7Ci (2014)

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Summary Weight reduction (63 grams) Digital screens are now paper, like we've always wanted Rugged (floats rather than falls) Touch enabled 3 week battery life Hand can rest on the screen Cheap to produce

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So what happened?

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All of this… Investment vs. Adoption Supply of indium-tin-oxide South Korea investment (2009 / 2010) Real AMOLED = OLED + Graphene Consumer readiness

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What will happen?

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Paddle by Hasselt University iMinds (2014)

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Nickolay Lamm and Matteo Gianni

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SET Solution

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James Ivaldi

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Future design challenges Design on metal and metallic surfaces Design for wide wide screen Design for continuous screen Design for tiny screen Design for transparency

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Newspaper Design Returns

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“It is part of the age-old habit of using new means for old purposes instead of discovering what are the new goals contained in the new means.” From Cliche to Archetype (1970)

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We can do better Tricorder Smartphone

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Device Disappearance WHY NOW?

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Dependence Commands

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Dependence Commands Cost

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Dependence Commands Cost Alternate reality

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Inter-connected Intra-connected

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1 “Device” as a concept is too small

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2 Removal of stuff, actions, behaviors and scenarios from our lives

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I Forgot My Phone (Miles Crawford)

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3 Fallacy or contradiction in the “connected generation” or “connected self”

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2012 2019 7.046 Billion 9.4 Billion

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Pollen boy on the sun (Navajo)

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4 We’re starting to experience device fatigue

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We will see paper thin screens Stuff is gonna get in the way We must design for all of it We should visualize a future IMMEDIATE FUTURE

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Building blocks

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BUILDING BLOCKS Promote Connectedness

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BUILDING BLOCKS Promote Connectedness Create Time

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“[what if] the performer plays a song specially for video taking in the beginning featuring photo/video friendly light effects, and for the rest of the show there is a photo/video restriction in place?” From FastCompany.Design (2014)

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BUILDING BLOCKS Promote Connectedness Close Literacy Gaps Create Time

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BUILDING BLOCKS Promote Connectedness Close Literacy Gaps Achieve Ubiquity Create Time

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“We used to have separate categories of device: washing machines, VCRs, phones, cars, but now we just have computers in different cases.” From The Coming Civil War over General Purpose Computing

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BUILDING BLOCKS Promote Connectedness Close Literacy Gaps Achieve Ubiquity Create Time

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Evaporative Data CREDIT: LOU SAGER

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Ideas for the road (WHAT I WANT TO SEE HAPPEN)

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Zones of freedom

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Gestural language собака perro ??

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Folds, bends and percussive gestures

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Collecting and bundling

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Spatial arrangement

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Food and product labels

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Digital scrolls

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Playstation Portable 2 Concept (2008)

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Our next startup (THE ULTIMATE EXAMPLE)

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History, favorites, allergies, social, etc.

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