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CONTEXTUAL AUGMENTED REALITY Brian Selzer VP Business and Product Development DAQRI.com Sensor-Based Storytelling

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Our mobile devices are designed to know us at a deep level WHO? WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? WHY?

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Mobile is transforming… Sensor-based wearable's are coming to everyBODY.

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Things once silent now have a voice

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Connected to the world

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Low powered, low cost transmitters provide services based on environmental awareness

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The time to lament the loss of privacy is over. It’s now about transparency.

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Privacy is an exchange which needs to be negotiated between people and businesses

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Augmented Reality (AR) as a canned experience is very limiting, and has no repeat value.

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Augmented Reality (AR) which requires holding phone up in front of face is limiting (arm fatigue).

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AR will help to visualize the Internet of Everything

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UI TO THE WORLD AR has the potential to be the User-Interface to the world itself… conveying data about everything around us, and even that within us.

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Which is more effective at getting drivers to slow down? Instant feedback Speeding ticket in the mail two weeks later OR

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Real-time feedback loops (visualized via AR) will change how we live, work and play

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Firefighters Soldiers Pilots Surgeons Manufacturers Etc. AR-enhanced HMD’s will become a need for professionals

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Video game-like HUD design for real world applications.

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What story will the kitchen of the future tell?

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The predictive story needs to be intelligent and precise. Did Minority Report get it right?

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The AI assistant of the future may be digitally designed to show us, as well as tell us.

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Pervasive Gaming Pervasive Gaming - Always on; all around us; ready when we are…

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Some final thoughts… We are on a path to integrating ourselves with the internet of everything. AR will serve as a UI/UX to this world Context in real time will change the way we interact with the world around us. Contextual Awareness is setting the stage for a world of true Ambient Intelligence.

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Ambient Intelligence Embedded, context aware, highly personal, reactive, adaptive, anticipatory, constantly evolving…

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Email: Brian.Selzer@Daqri.com Twitter: BrianSe7en Web: Daqri.com / BrianSelzer.com