“What are you wearing?”

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“What are you wearing?” People Prototypes Privacy Carol Willing Fab Lab San Diego SD MMF Wearables June 16, 2014

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Welcome People Prototypes Privacy Please let me introduce some people from my past

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People Differing interests One size doesn’t fit all Human

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Prototyping Remember the people while developing the prototype

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People centered design Touch Gentle Soft Sound Music Familiar voices Vision falling disorienting

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Select your hardware for proof of concept first Sensors Brain Communications Prototyping time has rapidly accelerated. It’s not unusual for a prototype to be created in several weeks. Longer to mass production.

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Sensors for movement and activity MEMS Accelerometers – position in1, 2, or 3 directions Analog Devices ADXL362 Gyro – rotation Invensense ITG-3xxxx Magnetometer Honeywell HMC5833L (3-axis digital compass IC) Pressure and Altitude – Measure small movements Freescale MPL31152 Source: O’Reilly Solid Conference 2014 – Moe Tanabian, Samsung

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Sensor Fusion Makes prototyping easier by bundling sensors in one IC or board Monitor movement as the individual sensors Example: Invensense MPU-9150, Sparkfun $35 Hillcrest Labs Freespace FSM-9 (state of the art) Source: O’Reilly Solid Conference 2014 – Moe Tanabian, Samsung

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Choose software for ease of development Modify easily Modular, reusable code blocks Arduino IDE C Python

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Choice: Firmware or Operating System Do your need 3rd party developers? Do you need multiprocessing? If no, firmware should be fine (Arduino) If yes, OS like Android, Linux, QNX, TinyOS Source: O’Reilly Solid Conference 2014 – Moe Tanabian, Samsung

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Consider cases for use over a distance Going beyond just a single user in their immediate environment Web or monitoring Communicate with others in area Android Wear

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After proof of concept, iterate as needed Hardware Cost Power Real estate Software Best practices API Web applications

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Privacy Consideration Provide options

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Be mindful when developing Camera – visual indicator on or off Data Ability to turn on or off data collection user control, opt out Level of trust “Big brother” employee interaction and activity monitoring Legal – HIPAA

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What are you wearing? Questions Ideas for brainstorming Thank you