For Business Owners, How to Handle BYODs & Company Devices?

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For Business Owners, How to Handle BYODs & Company Devices?

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Businesses have a need to monitor and manage mobile communication.

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Whether they offer BYOD Bring Your Own Device

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Or controlled communication devices within a corporate domain

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SECURITY is a big concern

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For businesses that offer BYOD, the responsibilities of this job is tremendous and important.

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Company data such as emails, documents and some other “secrets” are loaded onto personal device.

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This data should not leave with the employee who decided to move from the company.

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Before leaving, let them sign a statement that you will perform a “wipe data” of the device when desired.

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“When desired” this could be monthly or annually.

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For businesses that offer a cell phone for business use only

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The accounting department may scrutinize every phone call and data charge. Business owners could be called to task for using company device for personal business.

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Make sure employees are using phones for business purposes and remain responsible for this rule.

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