BlackBerry 10 v. Apple iOS 8 Who packs a punch for enterprises?

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BlackBerry 10 v. Apple iOS 8 Who packs a punch for enterprises?

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During Apple’s annual event for developers, the company unveiled its latest mobile operating system, iOS 8. Apple says that the new OS makes a more powerful business partner. With three decades in the industry, BlackBerry knows a thing or two about being a mobility partner to enterprises. Read on to see why BlackBerry 10 is a true knockout. ” “

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Round 1: Security

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The enterprise-grade security technologies built into iOS are even more powerful in iOS 8. We’ve expanded data protection to more apps and enabled finer control over mail encryption. “ ” BlackBerry is synonymous with security. Protection with locks, PINS and passwords Customizable permissions for native apps Long-standing support for AES-256 data encryption and existing S/MIME encryption and functionality Device tracking with BlackBerry Protect Industry’s most secure mobile messaging with BBM Protected

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Round 2: Productivity

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You have more ways to get things done quicker and easier with apps like Mail and Calendar. “ ” Productivity on a BlackBerry goes beyond email and appointments. BlackBerry Hub provides multiple ways to see content that matters to you Long battery life – including 25 hours of mixed use on BlackBerry Z30 Fast and accurate typing on both virtual and physical mobile keyboards Documents to Go allows for real-time editing for all Microsoft Office formats Support for information and payments with a tap via Near Field Communication

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Round 3: Data and Device Management

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IT departments have more ways to manage information securely without burdening employees with complex rules and work personas. “ ” The BlackBerry end-to-end experience is unmatched. Simplicity and security with the industry’s only true end-to-end platform BlackBerry Balance manages work and personal data seamlessly for a unified user experience Administrators deploy and manage apps through BlackBerry Enterprise 10 Meeting compliance requirements with device and app monitoring and reporting

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BlackBerry will remain the device of choice for those who value security and productivity. Our legacy is in enterprise-grade secure devices, and with BlackBerry 10 we offer the best device for security, productivity, communication and collaboration for businesses around the world. And that’s a fact. ©2014 BlackBerry. All rights reserved. BlackBerry®, BBM™ and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of BlackBerry Limited (“BlackBerry”) and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around the world. iOS is a trademark of Apple Inc.