New iOS Devices

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New iOS Devices What to expect on the 9th September Apple Event And what it means for your apps

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The Devices

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There has been a lot of speculation about the launch of 3 new Apple devices 2 new iPhones in different screen sizes (4.7 inch and 5.5 inch) A wearable iWatch Apple event on 9th Sept 2014 said to be the date for the announcements. The devices will probably come to the market a little later

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Larger Screens

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The iPhone 5, 5S and 5C are 4-inch devices The new devices will supposedly be 4.7 and 5.5 (phablet) inches Apple has been criticized before for not having a larger screen phone like its Samsung counterparts. So this is a step ahead The .7-inch difference in the screen size might not sound so significant but it is

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Design Changes

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We expect Apple to come up with a thinner phone and more rounded edges The iPhone 5S is thin. But the iPhone 6 might be more than 10% thinner than that The prototypes leaked show a back with thick lines, not consistent with the smooth look of iPhone devices - so that might change

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Durable Screen?

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The biggest trouble users have had with the iPhone’s screen is it is fragile The new iPhone is said to have a screen made with Sapphire glass to make it more durable The Home button of the 5S uses Sapphire glass. They might use it on the screen as well! (but it is difficult to mass produce - so we do have our own doubts)

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Faster Processor Like with every new iPhone released, the iPhone 6 will have an even faster processor It is also rumored to have a better camera (12 megapixels compared to the 8 on 5S)

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New OS - iOS

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The new iPhones will come with iOS 8. iOS 8 will most probably be out for users after the 9th September event iOS 8 introduces a lot of new frameworks - it is big for developers but even bigger for consumers!

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Other features A mobile wallet to make payments directly NFC chip Will work with the rumored iWatch Wireless charging The 5.5 inch variant may be released later than the 4.7 inch version

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The iWatch Apple filed a patent for its watch design so this is definitely in the works Rumored to be released on the 9th Sept event but go into mass production in November

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Patent image filed by Apple for iWatch The iWatch

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How this affects your Apps Update the user interface for the larger screen sizes If Apple does release an iWatch soon and opens it for developers, this would have a huge impact on apps, specially health apps

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Making sure your apps work with iOS 8 and makes the best use of new frameworks introduced (as relevant) This includes HealthKit, HomeKit, Family sharing, iCloud drive, Camera enhancements and so much more How this affects your Apps (cont.)

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How this affects your Apps (cont.)

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