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Making Wearables Tip A discussion of questions that can help frame the summit over the next two days. One quarter innovator, one quarter provocateur, and the remaining; iconoclast.

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The Technology Beyond @RichieEtwaru

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Vanity “Unless wearables satisfy our vain desire to look better than we actually are, they will not tip.” – Richie Etwaru

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Shall We Wear What Else @RichieEtwaru 29% - clipped on clothing on forearm 28% - on wrist 18% - clipped on shoe 15% - embedded in clothing around calves 12% - jewelry on the ankles At the end of the limbs

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20 Billion 2012 was a record year on spending on luxury watches globally.

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Getting design right vanity

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Brand vs. Design “The brand of most companies is what consumers think they get, design is what those customers actually get.” – Richie Etwaru

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Vanity “It is important to be a watch first, a good one, then be smart.” – Richie Etwaru

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Ownership “Wearables must become our primary belongings, right now every wearable is a second class belonging.” – Richie Etwaru

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the smartback

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Ownership “It will be difficult to be a smart shirt, or hat, or shoe because it means you will be my only shirt.” – Richie Etwaru

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The Technology Beyond @RichieEtwaru

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Greed “If every wearable device continues to have an App of it is own, we should be afraid of hypochondria more than Ebola.” – Richie Etwaru

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Greed “For wearables to enable digital health, we must go from a set of competing products to an industry of cooperating stakeholders.” – Richie Etwaru

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Utility “Wearables intending to change behavior should focus on psychology (data) first, and hardware & software at the very last” – Richie Etwaru

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21 Billion

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System of Record System of Engagement vs

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Utility “For wearables to stick, and eventually tip we must go from systems of record to systems of engagement.” – Richie Etwaru

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Evolution “Wearables is one of the smallest subsets of all of the edge computing that is driving The Internet of Things” – Richie Etwaru

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Evolution “Things in me, one me, around me, surrounding me (home), takes me around (automotive), and where I do my rounds (offices, factories, and hospitals) ” – Richie Etwaru

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The Technology Beyond @RichieEtwaru

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