Glance: towards a content strategy for wearables

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Glance: towards a content strategy for wearables @shanerichmond

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Defining wearables @shanerichmond

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Defining ‘modern’ wearables Hands free Always on Environmentally aware Connected Less distracting A platform @shanerichmond

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Wearable shipments growth Data: Berg Insight

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Two kinds of wearable: inside-out and outside-in @shanerichmond

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Inside-out wearables @shanerichmond

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More data about ourselves @shanerichmond

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Outside-in wearables @shanerichmond

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More information from elsewhere @shanerichmond

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But… there are obstacles @shanerichmond

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Consumer understanding @shanerichmond

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Social acceptability @shanerichmond

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Data concerns @shanerichmond

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The future @shanerichmond

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The brain and the skin @shanerichmond

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