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3D Printing Issue 15 November, 2014 10 innovations in…

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Wikihouse, is an open source site where 3D printer - friendly files of house designs can be downloaded for free. After files are printed on CNC printers, the result is a set of numbered wood panels that can be assembled by anyone to make a house. No skills or special tools are needed. 1. 3D printed houses Source: http://www.wikihouse.cc/

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Using living cells, bio-printers will soon be able to “print” human organs, revolutionizing the medical industry. Already there has been some successful experiments of printed capillaries and blood vessels as well as a human liver. 2. Bio-Printing: 3D organs and more Sources: http://bit.ly/1lF4bsn and http://bit.ly/1FUo649 Click play to see how bio-printing is used for pharmaceutical testing

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Mink is designed for printing makeup at home. Select a color, and the printer will create lipsticks, blushers, eye shadows or any makeup item you have chosen. 3. Print your own makeup Sources: http://onforb.es/1nXcEsn and http://gracemink.com/ Images: http://gracemink.com/ and http://bit.ly/1DZRRP2

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Except for the engine, almost all of the other 50 parts in the Urbee2 will be 3D printed from plastic. The 3 wheeled car is very light, so it can only fit 2 passengers. 4. Hybrid car Sources: http://on.mash.to/1oZ9oDO and http://bit.ly/1wBz2hZ

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3D printing, using SLS technology, meant Nike could prototype and produce these boots in a shorter time period. Design changes can be implemented in hours, instead of days. 5. Printed football boots Source: http://on.mash.to/ZYGnMG

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3D printing has already made huge improvements in some prosthetics production. Many human parts have been successfully replaced with 3D printed substitutes, like: 6. 3D printed prosthetics Sources: http://cbsn.ws/1wiXvvg http://onforb.es/1pX40fo http://bit.ly/1xD2dAk 3D printed jaw Bionic Ear Vertebra (spine column) Image: http://bit.ly/1wF85uI

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Made for elderly people who may face problems chewing, Smoothfood uses 3D printing technology to turn fresh ingredients into meals. 7. Printed food for older people Source: http://bit.ly/1kb6bw2 http://dailym.ai/1rmRVAl

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CONSTRVCT is a user generated fashion line, allowing users to design their own clothing. 8. Create your own fashion Source: http://bit.ly/1zf2OMR http://kck.st/1ve7agz Photos can be used to create required fabric styles, with textiles printed digitally.

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Designs and products made using 3D tech could reduce the British Royal Air Force's maintenance and service bill by over ?1.2m over the next four years. 9. Fighter jet flown with 3D printed parts Source: http://bit.ly/1a9NO61

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Costing under $100, these 3D printed arms are a potentially scalable, viable solution for amputees all over the world who can’t afford expensive medical care. 10. 16-year-old Sudanese boy gets prosthetic arm Source: http://ti.me/1koCKsh

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… according to Gartner, the tech research analysts. 3D printing will be mainstream in 5 years… Mainstream printing is still a few years down the line. But applications in medicine and business are already visible. Source: http://gtnr.it/1pbfoas

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Industry Impact Sources: http://bit.ly/1g6jIkV http://tek.io/1h2hch0 Industry Implications Goods manufactured directly by consumers Increased customization Environmental Impact Less wasted materials Reduced costs for transportation/shipping Ethical Implications 3D printing makes it more challenging to protect copyright and intellectual property Health Revolution Bio printing will create new possibilities for treating disease and replacing damaged organs.

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Policy Implications Source: “Three Dimensional Policy: Why Britain needs a policy framework for 3D printing” http://bit.ly/1ttYsfW A UK report highlighted positives from this tech, such as “new manufacturing jobs” and “enormous environmental benefits.” But it also identified areas policy makers need to address, including: “A far more flexible intellectual property framework A rethink on how or whether the Internet is regulated New types of infrastructure that merge digital and physical worlds.” These considerations are not necessarily unique to the UK.

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