Yet Another 3D Printer Threatens 3D Systems and Stratasys

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Yet Another 3D Printer Threatens 3D Systems and Stratasys

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Competition Rising In recent years, the 3D printing industry’s attractive growth prospects has invited new competition for 3D Systems and Stratasys. Some competitors are trying to beat 3D Systems and Stratasys on price, while others have developed entirely new technologies. One thing is clear: the competitive environment is intensifying for 3D Systems and Stratasys.

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Notable New Entrants

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Introducing MultiFab Developed by MIT Can print up to ten materials in one job Built from off-the-shelf components Costs less than $7,000 Professional printing resolution Multi-Material 3D Printer Source: MIT Computational Fabrication Group

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MultiFab’s Most Flattering Feature MultiFab can “see” and take action on its own during prints A first in 3D printing Enables easy calibration Can self-correct errors during prints Machine Vision Machine vision makes inserting foreign objects into print jobs easy and seamless. Source: MIT Computational Fabrication Group

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Machine Vision Is a Game-Changer Current 3D printing technology lacks the capability to alert an engineer when there is an issue during a 3D print job.

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Machine Vision Is a Game-Changer MultiFab’s ability to correct printing errors in subsequent layers helps ensure parts are being produced accurately and provides objective evidence that there wasn’t a major issue during a print.

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Machine Vision Is a Game-Changer In other words, MultiFab is ushering in a new era of real-time quality assurance for the 3D printing industry.

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How 3D Systems and Stratasys Compare *Based on flagship multi-material system.

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What it Means for 3D Systems and Stratasys Academia is a viable competitor in 3D printing Real-time quality assurance is likely to help drive 3D printing adoption in complex manufacturing applications Stratasys’ and 3D Systems’ margins may come under pressure as new entrants threaten their stronghold with compelling offerings for a mere fraction of the price

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