Apple is Beating This One Smartphone Trend

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According to Gartner, growth of smartphone sales in Q2 2015 were as slow as they were in 2013.

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The iPhone maker saw its smartphone unit sales increase by 36%.

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There are two things contributing to Apple’s growth.

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- Anshul Gupta Gartner Research

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- Anshul Gupta Gartner Research

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In short, Apple has benefited from Samsung’s inability to sell high-end devices.

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Apple is moving in the opposite direction. Gartner says the company’s sales increased by 68% in the country in Q2 2015.

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- Anshul Gupta Gartner Research

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Yes, even in China.

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- Anshul Gupta Gartner Research

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While the smartphone market is slowing right now, it’s clear Apple hasn’t been negatively impacted quite yet.

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