How T-Mobile Became the Nation's Third-Largest Carrier

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How Became the Nation's ThirdLargest Carrier

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T-Mobile just passed Sprint to become the nation's third-largest mobile carrier

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It just passed Sprint this quarter. 57.1 million 58.9 million

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But it has a bit of catching up to do still. 57.1 million 58.9 million 123.9 million 133.5 million

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But T-Mobile has been able to use its small size to its advantage

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T-Mobile's churn rate continues to fall

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Which means it doesn't have to attract as many subscribers to grow its customer base

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And while Verizon and AT&T have lower churn rates

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T-Mobile's smaller user base means it's losing fewer subscribers on an absolute basis

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So, even though T-Mobile only adds half the number of subscribers as Verizon ...

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It's growing its revenue and customer base faster than anyone

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That's how it was able to pass Sprint

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But T-Mobile needs to keep improving its churn rate as it grows its customer base

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It's doing two things ...

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It's doing two things ... 1. Improving its network

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It's doing two things ... 1. Improving its network 2. Offering extra values

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It extended coverage to Mexico and Canada at no extra charge.

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Subscribers can stream music from over 30 services without it counting against their data cap

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Subscribers can upgrade their phone up to 3 times per year if they want.

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Subscribers can keep their unused data up to 12 months.

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As T-Mobile grows larger, adding more subscribers gets tougher

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Investors must have faith in CEO John Legere to continue growing the business going forward

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