Is Apple's iOS Losing Its Grip on the Enterprise Market?

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Is Apple's iOS Losing Its Grip on the Enterprise Market?

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In the enterprise market, Apple’s iOS has been a dominant force for a long time.

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But that’s starting to change.

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Apple’s mobile OS made up 64% of all enterprise mobile activations in Q2 2015, according to Good Technology.

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But that’s down from 70% in the previous quarter.

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Meanwhile, Android is making big gains.

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Enterprise activations of Google’s mobile OS has spiked from 26% last quarter to 32% now.

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So why is Apple’s lead slipping?

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Because Android and Windows tablets are gaining traction.

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Apple typically holds 80% to 90% of tablet activations in the enterprise market in any given quarter….

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But that fell to 64% in Q2 2015.

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Meanwhile, Android now has a quarter of all enterprise tablet activations.

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Android now leads Apple for tablet activations in the tech sector, and is gaining ground in energy and manufacturing.

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And even Windows tablets jumped from just 1% of enterprise tablet activations a year ago, up to 11% now.

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But Apple still holds a substantial lead in the public sector, healthcare, insurance, financial services, and education sectors.

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Apple losing its dominant position in the enterprise tablet market makes the case for a larger iPad even stronger.

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While a so-called “iPad Pro” has been rumored for a while, recent feature changes coming in iOS 9 show Apple’s interest in more robust iPad multi-tasking.

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It’s clear from the recent Good Technology data that Apple needs to do something big to gain back enterprise customers.

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And a larger iPad could be just the thing.

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