Moving Forward with Mobile

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AGENDA • Why the mobile web is now a must • What Google has to say about all this • Best practices for mobile • What are my options? • How do I know which option is right for me? • What about an app? • Converting site visitors into customers • Getting started

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YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE ALREADY MOBILE Today, nearly two-thirds (64%) of U.S. adults own a smartphone, up from 35% in 2011 64% 50% 50% of mobile internet users use Google.

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AND THEY’RE SEARCHING FOR YOU Smartphone users are looking for location-relevant information 20% of desktop searches have local intent vs. 50% of mobile searches have local intent • • • • • • Retail stores Restaurants Taxi cabs Plumbers Professional services Entertainment

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MOBILE MATTERS TO GOOGLE NOW MORE THAN EVER For the first time, Google is looking at more than simply relevant content. The search-engine-in-chief is now also looking at how good of a user experience your site is providing to visitors and using this as a ranking factor. “ This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.” -Google Webmaster Central Blog 2015

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BEST PRACTICES FOR MOBILE Make sure users can easily browse your website with just a finger, or thumb. Replace text links with large, easy to tap buttons. Make sure links have enough space between them so users don’t accidently tap the wrong ones. Make it easy for mobile users to see and access all the pages of your website. Avoid dropdown menus. Mobile users should be able to read your website without having to pinch or zoom. Font size should be a minimum of 16 pixels. Place important info like your address or phone number in an obvious location. Maps and click-to-call buttons are great ways to draw your customer’s attention.

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SO HOW DO I BECOME MOBILE-FRIENDLY? Google outlines two ways to make your site mobile-friendly. 1 2 Both approaches will adhere to Google’s new guidelines, but there are a few differences.

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WEIGHING YOUR OPTIONS Pick a direction for your business MOBILE-ONLY WEBSITE RESPONSIVE WEBSITE A separate mobile site doesn’t require rebuilding your business’ whole website. A responsive website is a great option if you’re ready for a complete redesign. OR

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BUT WHAT ABOUT AN APP? An App only works if your customers know where to look Mobile Website Mobile App Appears in simple Internet searches on Google or Bing and is ready for your customers to engage with right away. Has to be searched For by name in an app store and downloaded before it’s ready to be used.

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ANOTHER REASON MOBILE SITES WIN Business-driving Features The key to creating a great mobile website is the careful implementation of thumb-friendly Features. These are what provide your customers with the small screen experience they require HERE ARE JUST A FEW EXAMPLES OF THE TYPE OF FEATURES WE CAN BUILD FOR YOU CLICK TO CALL MOBILE MAPS YELP REVIEWS COUPON FEATURE Enables your customers To contact you with just A push of a button Ensures that your Customers will always Be able to find their Way to your door Inspire confidence In your business And assure customers You’re the right choice Puts your most enticing Deal right in the palm of Your Customer’s hand

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THE DIFFERENCE ONE FEATURE MAKES Click-to-Call Your customers really want to talk 36% 65 per Year The number of users that will go to a competitor if they can’t call directly from search results 42% Billion The rate at which calls to business from mobile search is growing Calls to businesses from mobile search by 2016

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LONG STORY SHORT If they’re happy with your mobile site, mobile customers mean business 73% Of mobile searchers trigger an additional action like MAKING A PHONE CALL or VISITING A BUSINESS

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Your Logo Here READY TO GET STARTED? Contact JDog Enterprises 530-268-5364 info@jdog.net www.jdog.net

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