Push Mobile App Engagement To The Next Level

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Push Mobile App Engagement To The Next Level in partnership with

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Gail Ennis, CMO, Follow Analytics @Followanalytics Thomas Husson, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester @Thomas_Husson

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Housekeeping Webinar will be recorded and sent out Participation is encouraged! Have questions during the webinar? Great! Ask using the question box Questions will be addressed in the last 10 minutes

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Agenda Current state of mobile Mobile moments and the mobile mindshift The future of Push notifications The challenge for marketers Best Practices

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Image source: The New Yorker (http://www.condenaststore.com/-se/cartoonbank.htm) The expectation that I can get what I want in my immediate context and moments of need

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Mobile expectations are soaring

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Personalize and contextualize mobile moments throughout the customer journey Marketing: Manufactured moment Borrowed moment Marketing: Loyalty moment Sales: Influenced sales moment Sales: Impulse purchase moment Customer service: Information moment Product: Setup moment Use moment Care moment Source: April 14, 2014, “The Customer Life Cycle: A Blueprint For Customer-Obsessed Enterprises” Forrester report Marketing: Social Depth moment

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The mobile mind shift penetrates the beating heart of your business

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The mobile moment happens here

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Flight -2 days +2h -2h +2 days Change reservation. Reserve seat. View reservations. Check gate. Departure time Lounge access Upgrade Arrival time Food order Movies Wi-Fi Ground transportation Lost luggage Navigation Customer service Mileage status Reward travel Upcoming reservations Serve customers in their mobile moments Airline example based on user time

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The holy grail of one-to-one marketing

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Push notifications offer better mobile engagement An improved and more engaging user-experience An in-depth measurement tool A detailed targeting tool An inexpensive way to reach out to your best customers

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Brands prioritize push notifications Base: 182 executives who either own or have extensive knowledge of their mobile strategy and services Source: Forrester Q2 2014 Global Mobile Maturity Executive Survey

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Marketers are starting to use push notifications to meet their goals Up sell and cross sell services through targeted offerings Optimize mobile app usage Test offerings in real-time Become a core part of the product experience Increase the value of advertising inventory

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Reward customers when they are most likely to engage with your brand

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Add value and up-sell services through targeted offerings Value-add: Protection alerts to combat identity theft verify charges Context: Geo-located discounts and special offers for partner retailers Incentive: Instant rewards and points encourage app usage

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Drive lead generation for faster time to revenue CRM partnered with mobile analytics give 360 view of user Relevant and contextual messages impact increase in test drives and shorted customer decision cycle

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Test offerings in real time

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Innovate your business and create new services Habit@t uses sensors to detect hazards such as floods, fires and blackouts. In times of need it triggers alarms to notify users, call centers capable of dispatching timely response units.

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The hard work happens here

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Mobile will drive the biggest re-engineering of firms since the PC Systems of engagement

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Push notifications will move beyond mobile apps

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STEP UP TO ENGAGEMENT It’s Not Just About the Ads, Although $48B Will Be Spent on Mobile Advertising in 2015! Created Apps Driving User Acquisition Begin Engaging Created Apps Driving User Acquisition Begin Engaging Typical Lifecycle of Today’s Mobile Apps PEAK Marketers Can’t Leverage Their Investment to ROI Here’s The Challenge: 3 of 4 mobile apps uninstalled after download Only 16% of users opt-in to notifications App Development App Acquisition App Engagement $48B

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BEST PRACTICES For Mobile Engagement To Get Mobile Moments 1. CONNECT to CRM 2. USE all five levels of mobile engagement 3. LEVERAGE mobile marketing automation

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Feed your CRM with mobile user profiles to optimize all your multi-channel marketing Augment your mobile marketing with CRM data for ultra personalized and relevant push & in app messaging Use “code-less” connectors to reduce reliance on IT and consultants CONNECT TO CRM

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Key requirements: Uses Deep Analytics & Machine Learning Creates Rich Mobile Profiles Has “Click & Connect” to CRM Supports User-Triggered Interactions Is Designed for Marketers Supports Internet-of-Things Devices Not complicated, easy to get up and going everything you need in one place Leverage MOBILE MARKETING AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY

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Phases of Mobile Marketing Maturity Presence Visibility Engagement Contextuality Time Context X Relevance = Value The race to value 28 The more I understand your needs, interests, behavior, history & location, the more value I can create for you

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Thomas Husson thusson@forrester.com @Thomas_Husson Gail Ennis Gail@followanalytics.com @followanalytics Thank You Questions?