Apple Watch - Getting Started

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Agenda • • • How it works? Things we should be aware of in app development and UI / UX design watchOS 2.0

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“Apple Watch represents a new chapter in the way people relate to technology. It’s the most personal device Apple has ever designed, and it enables new ways to receive information and to interact with apps.”

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How it works? • • • • This is not autonomic device No logic on the watch No direct connection to the internet What watchOS 2.0 will give us?

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Hardware linear actuator (taptic engine), heart rate sensor, force touch sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, microphone, loudspeaker so many to use… You have access to… 0 of them. …

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“A WatchKit app complements your iOS app; it does not replace it.” “As a developer of third-party apps for Apple Watch, you support these brief interactions by providing only the most relevant information in the most straightforward way possible.”

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Glances • • How it works? Things we should be aware of in app development and UI / UX design

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Navigation • • Page-based Hierarchical

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Handoff • Apple Watch uses Handoff to convey information about the wearer’s current activity to their other devices.

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UI Elements Labels Images @2x Groups

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UI Elements Buttons Switches Sliders

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UI Elements Date/Time Labels Menus Maps

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Security HomeKit Audio Video Microphone PassKit Digital Crown Taptic Engine NSURLSession Accelerometer

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Tomasz Szulc @tomkowz tomasz.szulc@blstream.com

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