The Risks and Dangers of Early Technology Adoption

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The Risks and Dangers of Early Technology Adoption Matt Pierce | TechSmith Corporation | @piercemr

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My Wife Laughed at Me Not my wife My wife would not allow for her picture to be used for this presentation.

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Tempting to wear at Conferences Cool it takes pictures… of me, when others are wearing it.

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When I wanted to be noticed How I thought I might look… but I felt like…

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I am from the mid-west I don’t not necessarily endorse all the views of this map. However, generally, the mid-west seemed about right.

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I lived in Canada. So Sorry. Eh. A lot.

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Wear them biking.

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Lack of constant Internet

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Work Wifi wouldn’t work

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Apple iPhone user.

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People started to get beat-up

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My kids wanted to play If they broke… yikes

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What part of my life would you like to see? She was okay for the left pic, I snuck in the right one.

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Who texts or calls me? Ummm…. No one.

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Not much personal email Boring, boring, boring.

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I already wear glasses

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I don’t like wearing glasses

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Don’t want to be seen as the creeper with the recording glasses

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I have been called many names Glasshole The only font appropriate for a word like this is Comic San MS

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Wearables will probably change every, just not yet for me.