Phones Aren’t Flat Designing for People, Data & Ecosystems

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@shoobe01 @STC_Summit Phones Aren’t Flat Designing for People, Data & Ecosystems 45 minutes!

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@shoobe01 @STC_Summit

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@shoobe01 @STC_Summit Ecosystem Design is Hard

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@shoobe01 @STC_Summit Time to Draw

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@shoobe01 @STC_Summit Time to Draw

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@shoobe01 @STC_Summit Time to Draw

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Sun/Moon Data

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@shoobe01 @STC_Summit First, Don’t Draw

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@shoobe01 @STC_Summit First, Don’t Draw Graphical positions Summary data Detail views Sunrise/Sunset time Moonrise/Moonset Sun/Moon transit times Sun, twilight Moon phase, percentage lit Civil, nautical, astronomical Key moon phase dates Change date, calendar Azimuth, distance Sky cover (local weather)

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@shoobe01 @STC_Summit Hierarchies of Information

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@shoobe01 @STC_Summit Primary Graphical sun position Graphical moon position Times Phase, % Transit Text labels Hierarchies of Information Secondary Detail view Calendar Dates Azimuth, distance Tertiary Location Nautical, civil, astro switch Weather

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@shoobe01 @STC_Summit Information Design

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@shoobe01 @STC_Summit Interface Design

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@shoobe01 @STC_Summit

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@shoobe01 @STC_Summit

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Phones Aren’t Flat Design for data & ecosystems Design for failure & uncertainty Design for people

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Contact me for consulting, design, to follow up on this deck, or just to talk: Steven Hoober steven@4ourth.com +1 816 210 0455 @shoobe01 shoobe01 on: www.4ourth.com