Making the Most of Mobile

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Making the Most of Mobile Megan Horn

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A Bunch of Stats

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The Center of Your Marketing Website

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Google’s Mobile Update Affects… Organic searches on mobile devices

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Mobile is no longer optional Users expect it Search engines prefer it Mobile devices dominate screen time

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Forked Mobile Site A separate, mobile site Often 2 sets of content to maintain Different experience compared to desktop Limited content and images

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Responsive website One website that adjusts to all devices One set of code and content to maintain Provides similar mobile and desktop experiences

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Use Data To make decisions

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What Data Matters?

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What Data Matters?

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What Data Matters?

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What Data Matters?

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What that data tells you How much traffic is from mobile Which devices visitors are using How mobile device stats compare to desktop Bounce rate Time on site Pages per visit Conversions

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How to Use Your New insight How quickly you need to transition to mobile Which platform(s) to focus on Which activities users try perform on mobile Where to focus testing

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Mobile First

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Going mobile first Start mobile, expand to desktop

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Going mobile first Make mobile a priority, rather than an afterthought Test new web content, blogs, and social posts on mobile

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Free Guide www.farreachinc.com/entrefest

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Services Custom Software Custom platforms tailored to your business, your needs, and your processes. Web Design & Development User-friendly websites with one common purpose: driving your business goals. Internet Marketing Integrated online strategies that build your brand, drive leads, and boost sales. App Development We build apps that build businesses, including iOS, Android, Windows, and web applications.

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