Apple Watch Development

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Apple Watch Development Introduction to Watch Kit Mike Bluestein @mikebluestein

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Apple Watch Requires an iPhone (5c or above) Connects to watch via BlueTooth golfwatchscorecard.com

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2 Watch Sizes 38mm and 42 mm Same aspect ratio

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Apple Provided Apps Some Apple apps and features work without phone These apps have access to sensor data Full animation capability

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3rd Party Apps Run entirely on iPhone Installed when installed on paired iPhone Watch is for UI presentation layer only Limited SDK - Watch Kit “Full” SDK later this year

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Yes You Can Create simple user interface Present data from the parent iPhone application Present notifications Present glaces Create image-based animations

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No You Can’t Run apps without a connect iPhone Build watch-only apps Capture biometric sensor data Capture motion data Create timing based animations

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App Structure Parent iPhone App Watch Extension Watch App Shared Code

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UI Navigation Two types of UI navigation Page-based Hierarchical Cannot mix them (unless using a modal controller)

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Layout Groups Easy to use Far less complex than auto-layout

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Controls New set of UI controls Designed specifically for Apple Watch Easy to use Not as full-featured as UIKit

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Menus Open with force touch gesture Controls for menu and menu items Handle selection in WKInterfaceController

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Watch App Contains the user interface and static resources Storyboards are required No code runs on the watch

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Watch Extension Runs on the phone Has its own lifecycle Handles user interactions raised from watch app Updates user interface on watch remotely Performs shorter running tasks Access shared data

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iPhone App Parent app to the watch app Performs longer running tasks Access shared data Does not share security Separate process from watch extension

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App Groups Share data between iPhone and Watch Extension Can share files, settings, database Requires shared group entitlement

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Communication App groups OpenParentApplication HandleWatchKitExtensionRequest Darwin notifications

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WormHoleSharp Bridge between iOS app and Watch Extension Pass data or commands github.com/Clancey/WormHoleSharp I’m being controlled from Apple Watch!

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Images SetImage - works with UIImage SetImageData - works directly with bitmap data Both send data from iPhone to Apple Watch SetImageNamed - sends only name to watch Image is loaded from bundle or cache Used to create animation 20 MB cache with simple cache API

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Notifications Local or remote notifications from iPhone Short-look - initial display of notification to user Long-look - displayed after user looks at short look for a few seconds Long-look is scrollable and can have action buttons

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Glances Quick access to brief, relevant information Swipe up from watch face to access Not interactive One glance controller per app Tap glance to open watch app

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App Store Requirements No alpha in images Use 42 mm for screenshots No mention of watch in iPhone app images Other?

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