Is this the Greatest Competition for Apple’s Macbook?

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Is this the Greatest Competition for Apple’s Macbook?

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This month Apple began selling its latest notebook, the 12-inch MacBook.

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And it has some very impressive features.

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It has a Retina display, weighs just two pounds, and has the latest USB Type-C port for power and peripherals.

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All of this will set you back about $1,300.

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Oh, and it’s kind of nice to look at too.

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Source: Apple.

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But there are plenty of MacBook competitors already on the market.

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The ASUS Zenbook UX305 costs just $700 -- about half the price of the MacBook.

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Source: ASUS.

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It’s a bit slower than the MacBook, weighs a little more, and its screen resolution isn’t as good.

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But it comes with the same 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, and has more ports than the MacBook.

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If that doesn’t strike your fancy, then perhaps Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is a better fit.

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Source: Microsoft.

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The Surface has a touchscreen and weighs less than the MacBook.

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It’s also thinner and costs about $200 less, even after purchasing the keyboard accessory.

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And of course, one of Apple’s biggest competitors, Samsung, has a MacBook alternative as well.

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It’s called the ATIV Book 9, and it has a very similar 12-inch screen and weighs nearly the same as the MacBook.

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Source: Samsung.

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But the processor is slower, and the ATIV comes with less storage and less memory.

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Samsung’s device has more ports though, and is about $100 cheaper.

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And there are plenty of other reasonable competitors.

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So should Apple be worried?

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Probably not.

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Apple’s already doing very well in the PC space.

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Recent IDC data shows that in Q4 2014, Apple’s PC shipment growth increased about 19% year-over-year -- outpacing its competitors’ growth.

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And just last year the company became the fifth-largest PC vendor worldwide.

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To top it all off, Apple’s Mac sales account for more than 50% of the entire PC industry’s profits. Source: Wall Street Journal.

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So while other notebooks may be cheaper, faster, or have more ports than the MacBook…

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Apple’s new device should help the company continue reaping more profits than its competitors.

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And that should make Apple, and its investors, very happy.

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