Google’s Mobilegeddon is almost here!

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Google’s Mobilegeddon is almost here!

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Are you ready?

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Google is updating their mobile search algorithm. Websites that fail to provide a good mobile browsing experience will suffer from reduced search visibility beginning April 21!

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“So what will happen to my site?!” – Frazzled website owner

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If your site isn’t completely responsive by April 21 you will lose a significant amount of mobile traffic.

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Well, Google’s algorithm change will take responsiveness into account + bump you down in the ranks if you’re not completely mobile friendly.

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“Why?” – Frazzled website owner

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Because almost half of the time people spend consuming media is through smaller screens! [Device Usage, February 2015 – Pie chart]

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“But I thought our site was new + updated?” – Frazzled website owner

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Even new sites can be affected – in fact, the most common errors are: use of incompatible plug-ins, mobile viewpoints not set correctly, links spaced too closely together to be easily clicked, site content set wider than screen making it invisible, text set at a point size too small to read on mobile devices, and blocking access to resources used by Google’s web robots.

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“But how do I know if I’m affected?” – Frazzled website owner

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Check your site before the big day arrives! https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/ Click here now

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How’d you do?!

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Don’t panic – YET! LGC can help identify + eliminate any mobile-friendly issues your site may have.

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Want to comply with Google’s new algorithm? We want to help! We specialize in designing, optimizing, + maintaining mobile-friendly sites!

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