flexible connectivity with the hybrid network

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flexible connectivity with the hybrid network The traditional corporate network no longer meets the needs of modern enterprises. What is required is a flexible and secure hybrid network that can evolve with businesses as they grow. It should meet business demands for the Internet, cloud, mobility, security and performance.

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internet as a business destination The Internet is a vital business tool, but it is still treated as a leisure activity. Distributed breakout can help cut latency, reduce load on the VPN and deliver geolocation. global IP traffic 1 zettabyte = 250 billion DVDs or the amount of data that has traversed the internet since its creation. 0.2ZB 0.6ZB 0.9ZB 6ZB 1 . 2009 2013 2015 2018

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business IP traffic growth to 2018 IP WAN fixed business internet mobile business internet 0% 21% 1 55% internet as a business destination

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more enterprise multimedia With desktop video conferencing and unified communications, employees are running more multimedia applications on the network. Use Internet offload to manage traffic load on the VPN. bandwidth demands business desktop video conferencing business IP telephony 29MB 1-hour call business web conferencing with webcam users in 2013 311MB 1-hour call 238m users by 2018 37m 45% CAGR

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cloud outpacing traditional IT Cloud computing has become a key part of enterprise IT. Direct interconnection with cloud providers can improve performance for business-critical apps. 24% growth rate x5 of the IT industry as a whole spending on public cloud $47billion in 2013 $107billion in 2017

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by 2018, wired devices will generate only 39% of IP traffic unstoppable rise of mobility To prevent cost, security and network issues, look to connect mobile devices on Wi-Fi while in the office and provide easy remote access for any device from any location. 6 mobile phones are sold for every PC and Wi-Fi and mobile devices will generate 61% of IP traffic

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96% of all web applications have serious security vulnerabilities. infographic created by Futurity Media sources: Cisco, Gartner, IDC, Cenzic, Compuware security and performance Performance management ensures that end-users get the responsiveness they demand from network applications, and a global enforceable security policy keeps the enterprise safe. top 3 management concerns about poor performance from cloud: poor end-user experience brand reputation loss of revenue 64% 51% 44% to find out more about the hybrid network,visit: www.orange-business.com/en/network