Wearable Technology

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Wearable Technology

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What is a Wearable Device? Products that enhance the user’s experience as a result of the product being worn through sensing, connectivity and processing of data

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Wearable Tech: Not a new idea

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Technology Trends Tend to Last Ten Years

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Wearable Market Forecast

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Wearable Market: Segmentation

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Wearable Technology / Internet of Things

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Wearable's :Ubiquitous Computing

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Wearable: a part of Ubiquitous Computing

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Wearable Market: Segmentation

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Wearable Key Enabling Technologies

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Sensor Enabled Wearable Device Attributes

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Wearable Technology-Vendor Landscape

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Wearable's Challenge

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Some Examples of Wearable Products

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Wearable Products-Google Glass http://www.glassappsource.com/google-glass-features/google-glasses-work.html

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Wearable Products- Interactive T shirts Another kind of interactive shirt is one that makes sound – the electronic drum kit shirt has 7 spots that generate sounds when you push down on them. T-shirts like these are cheap to come by as they do not need high tech wizardry, just an electronic board that you have to remove before hand washing these T-shirts.

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Wearable Products-Nike Fuelband The Nike+ FuelBand tracks your daily exercise and the calories burnt while doing those activities. For every activity, the LED will light up and let you know your progress. You can set these goals, view detailed progress, and unlock achievements to stay motivated, or share it with your social networks via its iPhone app.

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Wearable Products-Smart Watch The watch is touchscreen and can act as a hands-free device with its built-in microphone. It also has an app store, and programmers are able to build new apps for its unique ecosystem. Available in seven colors, it is on the market at $400 a pop

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Wearable Product-fin ring Gesture Controlled remote http://www.wearfin.com/

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Wearable Product-Neuro on The neuro:on is the first consumer device that can measure sleep waves, eye movement, muscle tension, heart rate, and blood saturation with professional accuracy. https://neuroon.com/

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Wearable Product-SMARTYRING Smarty Ring to control your Smart phone. Forget tapping phone screen, get instant alerts right on your finger.

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Wearable Product-Vigo Vigo tracks patterns in your blinks and in your movement to quantify how alert you are in real time. The idea is simple – although your brain has a tendency to trick you into thinking you’re mentally fit enough to keep pushing on with your daily business, your body can’t hide when you’re tired. With an infrared sensor, an accelerometer, and a clever algorithm, Vigo makes it easy to be alert when you need to be. http://wearvigo.com/

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Wearable Product-Brain Controlled Games and Devices Mindwave Mobile

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WARP-Application Examples Time, chrono, lap time, alarms Smart music player with audio streaming to headset Photo and video player Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi connectivity Compass Free fall detection Pedometer / activity monitor Step counter (pedometer) Motion detection (walking, running) Distance traveled Calories ECG and heart rate monitoring Wake up on motion Charging over USB Wireless charging

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WARP-Hardware Architecture Open source platform – design files available • Hybrid architecture for optimized power management ? Main processor only on when needed for connectivity or display update ? Low power MCU for sensor monitoring on all the time • Power management • Small form factor through tight design ? Details to provide on PCB • Flexibility in display options ? Standard LCD ? Eink display – low power • Dual-mode connectivity ? Wi-Fi for direct connectivity to a hub -> cloud ? Bluetooth Smart for tethering to a smart phone

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WARP-Software Architecture

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Check out the resources The future of wearable devices https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qFW4zwXzLs&feature=player_embedded The man who foresaw science fiction http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2010/05/ralph-124c-41-a-century-later/ 9 trends to watch in wearable tech https://gigaom.com/2013/01/19/9-trends-to-watch-for-in-wearable-tech/ Wearable tech news http://www.wearabletechworld.com/topics/from-the-experts/articles/323855-wearable-technology- next-mobility-market-booming.htm Wearble reference kit http://www.warpboard.org/

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For more details www.pantechsolutions.net http://www.slideshare.net/pantechsolutions http://www.scribd.com/pantechsolutions http://www.youtube.com/pantechsolutions