Discovered Wearable Experiences and the Future of Healthcare

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Discovered Wearable Experiences and the Future of Healthcare #mobcon

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Stephen Fluin Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer gplus.to/sfx @stephenfluin

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My Story @stephenfluin

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I’m becoming a robot, so you don’t have to.

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Glass Experiences @stephenfluin

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Smartwatch Experiences Are Discovered @stephenfluin

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Achieving Wearable Experiences

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Don’t make the user choose you; this isn’t a phone.

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The Framework Short Context Sensitive Simple Reliable

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Pulling your phone out of your pocket Launching and interacting with applications

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Health Potential

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Reminders Short “Take 3 Units of Insulin” Simple Took It / Not Now Context Sensitive Based on Sensors: High Blood Sugar Detected? Reliable Screen-Based Interactions

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Exercise Short “Last Swing: 3280 Pounds of Force” Simple Tap to Delete Context Sensitive Only When You Are On a Golf Course: Detect and Save Reliable Don’t Miss a Swing

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Critical Intervention Short Say “Start a Code Blue” or System Integration Simple Show Next Steps - One At a Time Context Sensitive Relevant Doctors, Symptoms, Interventions, and Patient History Reliable Simple Triggers That Will Do the Right Thing In Any Situation

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The Future of Healthcare

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The Future of Healthcare Exercise and Tracking Reminders and Monitoring Quantified Self and Progress Proactive Alerts Sharing and Communication Timers and Events Notes and Accessible Information Improved Diagnostics Follow-Up and Improvements

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Inputs Activities Processes

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Personalized Big Data

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Thank You. google.com/+stephenfluin @stephenfluin