Top 20 Mistakes developers make

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Top 20 Mistakes developers make Beware! Google can ban your apps from Play Store: Avoid common pitfalls

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Google updated its content policy on 22nd December and brought in a few more changes which are quite significant. To make it easy for developers, I am listing down all the major guidelines you must follow to avoid any suspension or termination: 

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Do not include user’s reviews in your App description

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Do not include the name of other apps in your description or in replies to reviews unless it’s in the context

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Do not ask user’s to revise their ratings, either directly through replies or any other external means like emails to users

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Do not post your app’s link in competitor’s or any other app’s reviews posing as a user

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You cannot offer any incentive to users for ratings or reviews

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Do not repeat keywords, use unrelated keywords or provide false information in your app description

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Do not include any web view to pull someone else’s content without permission inside your App

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Do not trigger an SMS / email from inside your App without showing the content to the user

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No sexually explicit or erotic content. Give appropriate rating (Low/Medium/High Maturity) based on your content Rating Assigned By developer : Low

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No ads in notifications

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Do not place bookmarks in the browser or add another app’s icon as a shortcut through your app

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All Ad walls should have clearly marked close button

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Include ad disclosure in your EULA if you are showing advertisements in your App

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Don’t promote your apps using deceptive ads (warn your Ad-network partners)

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Only Google Play’s in-app billing to be used for IAP for virtual goods. 3rd party payments allowed only for physical goods or services used outside of the phone

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Android Advertising Identifier?—?use it only for advertising & data analytics. Do not try to create user’s identity using Advertising ID

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Avoid copyright infringements, impersonation or any trademark usage in your App, Images or description

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Do not generate premium SMS from your App Sent to 55544

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Do not use system based icons or any other system based UI impersonation in your App 

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Do not overlay your message/notification over other apps

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Thank You I hope this quick list will help you avoid these common mistakes. In case you app is suspended by Google for any reason, you can send an appeal to google through this link https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/contact/accountappeals I will be happy to hear your feedback on this. Feel free to comment here or tag me on twitter @deepakabbot or mail me at dabbot@gmail.com Check out my blog at medium.com/@deepakabbot